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Cybage allocates Rs. 25 crore for relief fund Cybage Sanjivani

Cybage, a global IT organization, has announced the launch of ‘Cybage Sanjivani’, a CSR initiative to support families belonging to economically weaker sections of society in distressing times. This long-term initiative aims to help them deal with financial turmoil due to untimely deaths amid the second wave of the pandemic.
Cybage has allocated an initial amount of Rs. 25 crores towards the relief fund. The exclusive focus of this corpus is to support families in case of bereavement of the sole earning member. The eligible applicants may submit their request for financial aid on www.cybage.com/sanjivani and additionally, reach out to CovidSanjivani@cybage.com in case of any queries.
“Certain sections of society were already reeling under financial hardships over the past year and now sadly, untimely deaths associated with the second wave of COVID-19 have completely devastated many homes. While the loss of a loved one is irreplaceable, we can surely do more than offer our thoughts and prayers for the impacted families. Accordingly, Cybage will be extending financial support and care to mitigate the pain being endured by those in need,” said Arun Nathani, CEO & MD, Cybage.
Additionally, the organization has further expanded the funding of its two foundations – CybageAsha and CybageKhushboo. The twin CSR arms of Cybage are continuing to double up on their pre-pandemic initiatives fixated on rural upliftment and education, along with COVID-19 triggered focus on medical infrastructure in the country.
“Given the present situation, the country is in dire need of sufficient ventilators and ICU beds, critical-lifesaving necessities in the fight against COVID-19. We are committed to providing our support to the hospitals. We hope our humble and continued help to this critical situation will not only fill a present-day need but fast-track India’s healthcare readiness,” said Ritu Nathani, Head – CSR and Director at Cybage.
Over the past year, Cybage has donated several ventilators and ICU beds to various hospitals in Maharashtra. In addition, numerous projects to support livelihood and supply essentials were undertaken and executed in the Cybage adopted communities.

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