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Top CSR initiatives in Maharashtra

Raighad Fort, Maharashtra
Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India. Mumbai, the capital of the state is considered to be the commercial capital of the country. Top business houses have their headquarters in Mumbai, making Maharashtra a top CSR destination in the country. Consequently, the state receives the largest share for CSR funds in India.
In FY2021-22, the state received Rs. 5290.19 crore in CSR funds, from 4387 companies. The top three companies to allocate CSR funds in the state include Tata Consultancy Services Limited (Rs. 693.84 crore), HDFC Bank Limited (Rs. 334.6 crore), and Reliance Industries Limited (Rs. 274.32 crore). The top three sectors of focus for the CSR initiatives were Health, Education and Environment which received Rs. 2727.47 crore, Rs. 1630.36 crore, and Rs. 400.68 crore respectively from total CSR spending.

Top CSR Projects in Maharashtra

Dettol Banega Swasth India (BSI) – Nutrition India Program

Dettol BSI launched Nutrition India Program in 2019. The program was developed to provide support in the first 1000 days of a child’s life, utilizing digital and artificial intelligence-based innovative modules, to strengthen the health, hygiene and nutrition status of pregnant women and children in Maharashtra’s Amravati and Nandurbar.
After the first successful year of the program, the community witnessed a 7.4% reduction in the proportion of severely acute malnourished children across the districts of Amravati & Nandurbar. Within the first 10 months, the programme was able to save the lives of 6,500 children between the years of 1-5 with the help of 41 community nutrition workers. An independent evaluation by sustainable Square also found that every INR 1 invested in the BSI Nutrition India Programme delivers a social value of Rs. 36.90.
The five-year program has in the past one year worked with local communities and developed a workforce of travelling nutrition champions who are known as ‘Community Nutrition Workers (CNWs)’. These workers are given rigorous training by public health experts, paediatricians, gynaecologists, and community development specialists, and are educated about the golden rules of good nutrition.
The ongoing programme is focusing on maternal and child health. Everything related to it is being taught to these community nutrition workers, such as–what precautions are to be taken by expecting mothers, what should be their diet, lessons on breastfeeding, the importance of breastfeeding within the initial hour of birth, exclusive breastfeeding for the newborn, and the diet which should be given to a child so that he/she is saved from the ill effects of malnutrition.
Over the next four years, the programme aims to reach 1,77,000 mothers of undernourished children across 1,000 villages with a target of 40% reduction in the number of children under five who are stunted, and to reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 5%.

Tata Power Supports Launch of 1st All Women Dairy Enterprise in Maval

India’s milk production stands at 176.4 million tonnes today. This has been majorly contributed by the women of the country who make up a share of more than 75 per cent in animal husbandry operations like feeding, milking and sale of milk.
With an intent to empower women, Tata Power has supported the establishment of Maval Dairy Farmer Services Producer Company Ltd., Maharashtra’s #1st ‘All Women Dairy Enterprise’ at Maval in Pune.
Established in 2015 with just 334 members, Dairy has a fledging membership of 1,200 women farmers today moving from just being marginal farmers to proud agro- entrepreneurs who completely run and manage the project thereby, assuming leadership roles.
The project was brought to life through extensive collaboration between the community women of the region and Tata Power. An in-depth study on the feasibility of developing the Dairy project resulted in the establishment of the Maval Dairy Farmer Services Producer Company Ltd. that aims to empower women, economically and socially.
The project has developed 15 advanced well-equipped milk collection centres covering 26 villages. It has also ensured that there is complete transparency in the operations and commercial handling of the plant along with the associated community members and the Dairy farmers receive the actual price realization of their produce. Currently, the plant procures around 6,000 litres/day of milk from the various villages associated with the project.
Progressively, it is also working towards enhancing milk collection and adding new members to the Dairy by conducting surveys in surrounding areas and identifying the requirements of people in Maval. To meet the requirement and run the plant at its full capacity, the project has added 15 new villages to the project. Over the last four years, the local pastoral community that covers 3000 farmer households has also integrated other support services like mini dairy farms, veterinary services, training for managing dairy farms and product marketing.
To give an impetus to the project, Dairy will not only supply milk to larger cities like Mumbai and Pune but will also produce high-quality dairy products including paneer (cottage cheese), cream, buttermilk etc.

Allcargo Logistics adopted three villages in Maharashtra

The CSR arm of Allcargo Logistics, Avashya Foundation, took a proactive lead in adopting a cluster of villages in Maharashtra. As part of its CSR initiative, Allcargo Logistics adopted three villages and constructed 17 houses for underprivileged communities of the Panvel block in Raigad district. Out of these, 14 houses were handed over in Dhamani (Choti Dhamni, Mothi Dhamni and Aushyachiwadi), and nearby villages like Sangtoli, and Shivani. These constructed houses were handed over to 13 female beneficiaries from women-headed households and four male beneficiaries inclusive of a person with a disability (PwD) and senior citizens.
Additionally, with the focus on education, environment, housing, sports and healthcare facilities for the villagers, the Foundation is also actively training the youth and imparting the skills related to logistics, and tailoring, respectively. With the adoption of the villages, Avashya Foundation also plans to support agriculture and horticulture-related works. Similarly, forward linkages after training being provided for formal job training.

Dow India’s STEM initiative in Maharashtra

Dow India recently inaugurated a science centre with a mini-innovation hub at an educational premise of Jijamata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal in Lote, Ratnagiri district. The objective is to increase science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy and prepare tomorrow’s workforce to develop innovative solutions.
This STEM centre will enable students to learn the process of design thinking which will include ideation and prototype development. The facility has been created via its marquee CSR partner Agastya International Foundation and Freedom For You. Every year, it will aim to benefit 5,000 students spread across more than 50 schools. It will also provide training for more than 100 teachers and become a hub for science fairs and competitions in the region.
The STEM centre will also act as a training centre for teachers. It will train more than 100 teachers on the importance of experiential learning which is aligned to the New Education Policy (NEP).
Spread over 3,000 square feet, the STEM centre will provide students with enriched and evolved learning. It will be equipped with more than 200 scientific models, chemicals, glassware and even modern tools and instruments like a 3D printer. It will act as a learning space where schools from Khed and Chiplun Taluka will be invited to participate in hands-on experiential learning, which is aligned to their curriculum, whereby students will go through a series of sessions focused on design thinking processes.

SG Analytics’ ‘Ek Nishchay’ initiative

SG Analytics, a research and analytics company, has launched an initiative – Ek Nishchay, with the aim to develop a culture of selflessness within the organization and to enable its employees to experience the joy of giving. The company has organized this initiative under its CSR programme, to support the economically deprived with ration kits and medicines during the current, difficult times of the COVID-19 crisis.
The initiative is being led by Sushant Gupta, Founder & CEO, SG Analytics in his individual capacity, along with the company and its employees, in association with the Rotary Club of Bibwewadi, Pune. Under the CSR initiative Ek Nishchay, Covid-19 affected families and individuals in Pune, and villages around the city will be provided with ration kits and medicines for 1 month. The CSR initiative is expected to impact over 8,000-10,000 families, nearly 35,000 affected individuals in the area.
SG Analytics, along with its employees has been proactively involved in several support and relief initiatives in order to positively impact the lives of those devasted by the pandemic. While the company has been actively increasing the scope of its CSR activities towards COVID-19 relief, it identified the challenge being faced by migrants who have returned to nearby villages and other affected families whose lives have been upended by the pandemic.

HDFC Bank Parivartan Future Skills Initiative

HDFC Bank has launched the Future Skills Initiative for youth in Pune, Maharashtra under Parivartan – the bank’s umbrella brand for all social initiatives. Through this initiative, HDFC Bank Parivartan will provide career counselling and skills training to over 1,800 youth, with a focus on empowering girls in Pune. The Bank will also help over 1,800 youth find relevant employment opportunities in IT/ITES sectors. This initiative aims to make more youth job-ready by counselling them on career opportunities and providing skills training needed for employment.
For this initiative, HDFC Bank has partnered with FUEL (Friends Union for Energizing Lives), an NGO that will provide career counselling and skills training in fields of AI and Digital Marketing. Post successful completion, students will be provided with Certification and placement assistance.
In addition to the skills training, career counselling will focus on:
– Increasing self-awareness of the youth
– Educating them on the various career paths and Futuristic Skills
– Helping them pursue their chosen path by connecting them with industry partners for internships/placements

National Cancer Institute by ONGC

At Nagpur, ONGC has supported for setting up of National Cancer Institute, a 455 bedded quaternary care oncology centre. The institute will provide a world-class oncology treatment facility at affordable rates to the general public of Central India. The state of the art radio diagnostic equipment and construction of the first floor and ground floor of the institute has been funded by ONGC. More than 10,000 people have benefited through this project up to April 2019.
The centre provides comprehensive cancer treatment, patient care and research through sustainable charity. In addition to providing general cancer care, the institute also creates speciality groups of highly skilled professionals who are masters in the treatment of a select group of cancers. The institute also plans to start University recognized training courses for nurses, paramedical staff and medical fraternity including super speciality training in Oncology and PhD programs.