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CRM For Non Profit Organisations

CRM for non-profits

There has been a huge paradigm shift in the way the businesses worked after the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was coined. The service sector has become very dominant in today’s world, leading the other businesses to provide additional services along with the products to increase as well as retain the existing customers. Personalisation has become so vital in many organisations that there has been a drastic rise in demand for CRM products, solutions and innovations.

Salesforce, a global CRM leader along with its CSR arm Salesforce.org has announced Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud, a complete solution set that enables nonprofits to track and measure programs in real time, raise more funds by unlocking data with AI-driven insights and take every constituent on their own personal journey, from onboarding to impact.

Nonprofits are facing ever-increasing pressure to quantify and demonstrate their effectiveness and impact, and deliver the personalised experiences that people have come to expect.

“People are getting involved with causes at an unprecedented rate and the demand for nonprofit programs and services is only going up,” said Rob Acker, CEO, Salesforce.org. “That is why we’re delivering Nonprofit Cloud, to provide a new set of solutions to uniquely enable nonprofits to accelerate their impact, and connect to their constituents in a whole new way.”

The Nonprofit Cloud provides solutions across program management, fundraising, and engagement by combining Salesforce.org products with Salesforce products and the power of the Salesforce ecosystem and partners to address the challenges organisations face every day.

The organisation first introduced solutions for nonprofits with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and now the new Nonprofit Cloud provides a 360-degree view of every aspect of a nonprofit’s mission–from donors and partners to programs and mission impact. Built on the #1 CRM platform, with input from more than 30,000 customers, Nonprofit Cloud is designed for flexibility, efficiency, and scale.

Jan Kaderly, Vice President of Public Engagement and Digital Programs, Wildlife Conservation Society has reviewed the product saying, “Being able to track every element of a program, capture the difference a program is making, and identify areas that can be improved are crucial to delivering impact for all stakeholders. What Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud allows us to do is create personalised journeys for our constituents, understand what they care about, target engagements around their passions, and turn their passions into genuine impact.”

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