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CSR: Corporate Volunteer Programs

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Companies spend a huge chunk of their revenue in training their employees in soft skills like team work, adaptability, problem solving, leadership development programs, etc.  which increase employee engagement, foster a feeling of belonging and lead to overall development of an individual. These skills can be acquired by starting a Corporate CSR Volunteer Program.

Here are 4 ways in which Corporate Volunteer Programs are better than the ongoing training programs:

  1. Improved collaboration among team members:

Volunteer programs help develop the community and in doing so, bring together people from different teams, backgrounds and generations to work together towards one goal – Betterment of the community. Such scenarios are very difficult to create in the corporate office. The teams know that they are making a real difference and hence everyone works towards the same goal which is precisely the aim of the training programs.

  1. Leadership Development:

Volunteering brings people out of their cocoon and some people really shine in the leadership role, an opportunity which they might not have at work. Managers who are also part of these programs are around to observe the display of such talent and hence leverage the skills of the people in the office environment.

  1. Employee Retention

People inherently want to do good and when they get an opportunity to bring about a change in their community through corporate volunteering initiatives, it creates a bond between the employee and the company. This leads to happier employees and hence higher employee retention

  1. Good Public Relations

Volunteering is a good PR exercise for corporates even if the above three good virtues are completely ignored. When corporates bring about a change in the community through their volunteer programs, they do get brownie points.

Volunteerism is a boon that not only will lead to development of the values corporates desire in their employees but also lead to overall development of the company as well as community at large.

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