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CSR Campaign on Childhood Pneumonia in India

Pneumonia is a disease of the lungs responsible for more deaths of children under the age of 5 than any other infectious disease. India has the highest number of childhood pneumonia cases in the world, both in terms of morbidity and mortality. Around 1.5 lakh children lose their life due to pneumonia each year with 30 million new cases reported annually.
In children under five years, pneumonia contributes to nearly a sixth (15%) of all deaths in India, with one child dying from pneumonia every four minutes.
Being a communicable disease, it can be easily prevented, diagnosed and treated. However, it is under-addressed, under-diagnosed and under-funded in the country. As their contribution towards UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 and to help reduce childhood mortality caused by Childhood Pneumonia, Philips India has launched a CSR campaign #HarSaansMeinZindagi.

Through this campaign, Philips aims to focus on both urban and rural areas and reach out to the people through multiple mediums including TV, radio, print, digital, social media channels and on-ground initiatives. As a part of this commitment, the company aims to address pressing societal issues with a focus, making healthcare accessible and affordable.

Simple Interventions to prevent and protect children from pneumonia

Recognizing danger signs of pneumonia especially breathing pattern and seeking medical care quickly
Follow routine immunizations for prevention of pneumonia
Exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months
Safe drinking water, good sanitation and frequent handwashing with soap
Good nutrition, especially for children over 6 months of age
Improve indoor air quality and maintain cleanliness
Consult a doctor at the earliest.

Interventions planned

Global Campaign – driven by Philips Foundation. To know more about it (LINK)
Pan India Awareness campaign –  promotion of awareness on diagnosis and prevention of childhood pneumonia through different online and offline media channels
On-ground long term CSR project in collaboration with Philips Foundation and Save the Children India