Home Press Release CSR: Signature spearheads the replenishment of Mangrove plantations in Odisha

CSR: Signature spearheads the replenishment of Mangrove plantations in Odisha

Back in 1995, Michael Jackson questioned, “What about the seas? What about us?” It’s been almost 3 decades hence. While we may not have gotten all the answers, we live in hope, thanks to the momentum of collective action. The promise to live good and do good.
Signature Packaged Drinking Water is proud to announce The Mangrove Replenishment Project, an initiative to regenerate the mangrove plantations in Odisha and restore the delicate natural balance of the coastal regions for climate resiliency. There has been a sharp decline in the mangrove cover that protects the shores of Odisha over the past few years, owing to cyclones and erosion, making it an important geography to focus on which is why it is worth mentioning.
Signature has always been vocal about giving back to nature through all our activities. As a brand, we are consciously making efforts to create awareness of reviving nature. The Mangrove Replenishment Project, announced by Signature Packaged Drinking Water, aligns with our brand’s future-back vision of weaving progress with purpose.
Orissa is hit by cyclones owing to climatic changes and its unique topography. Once plentiful, there has been a steady decline in the number of mangroves in this coastal stretch over the years due to several reasons. Mangrove regeneration is a necessity as community livelihood depends on the sea and the habitat around it. Mangroves all along the Odisha coast are increasingly threatened due to the high density of population and competing demand for land for agriculture and coastal prawn farming. Rapid expansion in settlements and tourism has also affected natural mangrove regeneration.
Did you know?
– 1 hectare of mangroves can sequester up to 8 tonnes of CO2, 2-4 times faster than a mature tropical forest.
– Mangroves protect the coast from cyclonic storms.
– We lost 50% of the world’s mangrove cover in the last 50 years.
– Mangroves comprise 0.7% of the global forest area but may store 20 billion tonnes of carbon worldwide, roughly equivalent to 2.5 times current annual global greenhouse gas emissions
The project will not only aid revive the mangroves but also engage with local communities by educating them and making them part of the process. In the initial stages, the restoration efforts will be spread out across 61 acres in 5 villages near Puri, Odisha, over a period of 3 years to begin with.
Ruchira Jaitly, Executive Vice President and Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India, said, “The Mangrove Replenishment Project has been launched to build coastal climate resiliency in Odisha. Signature Packaged Drinking Water believes in living good while doing good. We want to give our consumers the chance to celebrate life every day, everywhere, while being associated with deeds that are making a ‘sea change’ on the ground, for local communities, for flora and fauna – all for the planet.  Mangroves form a natural barrier that stem erosion, prevent flooding, help offset carbon and increase food security. We are committed to partner with local communities in Odisha to do good for nature.”
The Mangrove Replenishment Project will aim to reduce the carbon footprint, empower local communities, and create a lasting impact. To drive meaningful distinction and in keeping with our belief of Living Good while Doing Good for the planet, Signature Packaged Drinking Water is committing to an inspiring ‘Good for Nature’ act.
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