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CSR Initiative to support Zero-Fatality Corridors at the Mumbai–Pune Expressway and the Pune–Satara–Kagal highway

SBI General Insurance-SAVELife Foundation
SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading insurance companies, is proud to announce its partnership with SaveLIFE Foundation, a leading non-profit committed to improving road safety across India, to support the “Surakshit Sadkein, Surakshit Bharat” initiative in Maharashtra. Through this collaboration, the project aims to revolutionize road safety by transforming high-fatality sections of the Mumbai–Pune Expressway and the Pune–Satara–Kagal highway into Zero-Fatality Corridors.
India has one of the highest rates of road traffic crashes in the world, resulting in a significant loss of lives and economic resources. According to a FICCI-EY report, road crashes claim around 1,50,000 lives in India every year, comprising approximately 11 percent of the total number of such fatalities witnessed globally. Recognizing the urgent need for change, SBI General Insurance has joined forces with SaveLIFE Foundation to support a Zero Fatality Corridor project in Maharashtra.
The project adopts an evidence-based approach that encompasses various key components, including engineering improvements, emergency care, traffic law enforcement, and educational initiatives, to achieve its mission of reducing fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic crashes. This comprehensive strategy is designed to enhance the safety of these highways for all road users, including those who use motorised two- and four-wheelers, as well as pedestrians, cyclists, and users of other non-motorised transport.
The significant aspect of the project is the implementation of advanced solutions to improve road infrastructure. This includes initiatives such as upgrading lane markings, signages, and crash barriers to minimize the risk of crashes and create a safer environment for road users. Furthermore, it involves close collaboration with law enforcement agencies to ensure strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations, ultimately deterring reckless driving and promoting road safety compliance. These initiatives are designed to educate the public through awareness campaigns and educational programs, fostering safe driving practices and responsible behaviour among all road users.
Speaking about this partnership, Mr. Kishore Kumar Poludasu, MD & CEO, SBI General Insurance, said, “At SBI General Insurance, we are committed towards our corporate social responsibility and aim to reach maximum beneficiaries through various possible projects. We have consistently undertaken initiatives with a focus on road safety, with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of road crashes. Road safety is a matter of utmost importance to us, and through our partnership with SaveLIFE Foundation on ‘Surakshit Sadkein, Surakshit Bharat’ initiative, we are committed to making a significant impact on road safety in Maharashtra. We firmly believe that by working together, we can transform these crash-prone highways into safer, Zero-Fatality Corridors.”
Adding to it, the Founder and CEO of SaveLIFE Foundation, Mr. Piyush Tewari, said, “SaveLIFE Foundation employs scientific research and in-depth analysis to combat the road crash epidemic confronting India. To this end, our Zero Fatality Corridor programme uses data, evidence, and design expertise to determine the best possible solutions for saving lives by firstly, helping avoid crashes, and secondly, by deploying necessary measures to help ensure rapid emergency care in the aftermath of a crash for saving life and limb. We are grateful to SBI General Insurance for working with us towards improving road safety in Maharashtra and are confident of continuing the upward trajectory of saving lives on the state’s highways.”
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