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Restoration of three lakes as part of Go Green CSR Initiative

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As per India Cares Foundation’s latest report, Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) have completed the restoration work of two major lakes in Bengaluru upscaling the water holding capacity of these lakes and adding civic amenities in a third lake, while improving the biodiversity around these water bodies as part of RCB Go Green Initiative.
RCB launched the Lake Improvement Works Project as part of their ESG commitment in October 2023 with a focus on desilting and developing the Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake. These lakes were selected for being highly water-stressed areas, with borewell depths ranging from 1000 to 1500 feet. The areas also lack access to Kaveri River water and are totally dependent on groundwater and surface water.
According to the report, Over 1.20 lakh tons of silt and sand have been removed at the Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake which has been used to create bunds and pathways across the lakes and 52 farmers have taken the soil to use as topsoil for their fields as well.
 A total of nine acres of lake land have been recovered, resulting in the creation of stabilization ponds and wetlands. These features will benefit the birds and animals inhabiting the lakes. The water holding capacity of the lakes has also increased for upto 17 acres. 
The lakes will not only facilitate groundwater recharge but also serve as vital sources of drinking water and support agricultural activities in the surrounding area. It will provide additional livelihood opportunities for the fishermen and farmers of the two lakes, who can now harvest three times as much as before. Currently reliant on borewells for agriculture, farmers can now utilize these rejuvenated lakes for farming and other purposes, thereby enhancing productivity and sustainability.
Meanwhile, at Kannur Lake, the objective has been to improve community ownership through the creation of civic amenities as lake assets. Ethno-Medicinal Plants Parks, Bamboo Parks, and Butterfly Parks are also being created at all three lakes as the initiative aims to improve and sustain the biodiversity of the lakes while also serving as educational hubs for children to understand the ecosystem.
It must be noted that the National Compilation on Dynamic Ground Water Resources of India 2022 report by the Central Groundwater Board of India estimates that over 12% of groundwater blocks in India have been over-exploited, 12% in the semi-critical stage and 3% are in critical stage. 
Fans are at the heart of everything we do at RCB. Their unwavering support has propelled us to become one of the world’s first carbon-neutral franchises. Our fans have been actively engaged in our green initiatives since 2013, playing a pivotal role in spreading awareness about sustainability within our community. Building on this momentum, we naturally expanded our focus to support our local community by spearheading the restoration of key lakes in Bengaluru. These lakes not only serve as critical groundwater sources for neighbouring villages but also form the backbone of local livelihoods. Through collaborative efforts with both local authorities and communities, we have manged to take a small step in the bigger purpose of restoring the old pride of Bengaluru, the lake city.,” said Rajesh Menon, VP and Head of Royal Challengers Bengaluru.
Such initiatives would be key to raising awareness about the ground-level water situation in and around Bengaluru. The process of lake rejuvenation adheres strictly to established procedures and standards drawn from civil engineering, environmental engineering, and related fields under the guidance of “Friends of Lakes”. These standards, meticulously outlined in textbooks, serve as guiding principles throughout the rejuvenation process. The successful revitalization of these lakes stands as a testament to the effectiveness of engineering and environmental standards, showcasing a proven approach to lake restoration.
The Green Game was conceived in 2011 and since then through multiple initiatives, RCB is now the world’s first carbon-neutral cricket team and the foremost cricket franchise in the world rallying behind a people’s movement for a greener planet.
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