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CSR: Nashik Municipal Corporation implements Rs 70 Crore Smart School Project to digitally transform 100 Municipal Schools

Nashik, Maharashtra: Nashik, a city known for its ancient temples has another feather in the cap now. Nashik Smart City working under the guidelines of MoHUA has successfully implemented the smart school concept into reality by converting almost 82 Municipal Schools, 656 Classrooms, approximately 82 Head Master Rooms, and 82 Computer Labs into smart schools by providing state-of-the-art interactive learning through Digital Transformation. Nashik Smart City has helped Nashik Municipal Corporation to take a giant leap forward in education. Nashik Smart City was supported by Palladium India as PMC on behalf of Nashik Municipal Corporation. Both Nashik Smart City & Palladium India started this transformative initiative to convert its approximately 100 municipal schools into smart schools to elevate the quality of education by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methodologies.
The Smart School Project was implemented at an overall project cost of INR 70 Crores. Since then, the project has been running in full force with a holistic approach aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape. It focuses on transforming the digital infrastructure of the schools with the integration of cutting-edge technology into classrooms. This entails the installation of interactive digital boards, projectors, high-speed internet connectivity, and a wealth of e-learning resources to enhance the overall learning experience. Curriculum Development has also been a major focus area under the project for creating high-quality digital content across all subjects and grade levels. The curriculum for computer education, curated by the Palladium team, promotes interactive and multimedia content, fostering curiosity among students.
The project doesn’t stop at mere hardware. Recognizing the human element’s crucial role, the NMC heavily invested in continuous teacher training, and under the Smart School project, Nashik Smart City has trained over 800 teachers by providing them with the skills and knowledge to harness the power of technology and weave it seamlessly into their lessons.
The project implements a robust assessment and monitoring system to track progress and ensure successful implementation. This data-driven approach allows teachers to tailor their methods and address individual student needs more precisely.
The Nashik Smart School Project extends its impact beyond the classroom, embracing a holistic approach that incorporates environmental consciousness and community engagement. An exemplary initiative within this framework is the implementation of “Miyawaki Afforestation” which involves the creation of green spaces using the Miyawaki method, a Japanese afforestation technique known for its ability to establish dense and biodiverse forests in a short period. Furthermore, the project champions the establishment of Children’s Parliaments to provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making processes related to their school environment, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership.
Of the targeted 100 municipal schools, 82 have already been successfully transitioned into smart schools. Today, these schools boast state-of-the-art amenities, including Digital Smart Boards, Digital Educational Content, High-Speed Internet Connectivity, and Computer Labs with 21 computers each. The project has so far impacted over 29,000 students and empowered more than 800 educators, fostering high-quality education accessibility for all.
Shri. Sumant More, CEO – of Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (NMSCDCL) shared his vision for the project and said, “Under the Nashik Smart School Project, our commitment extends beyond technology; it’s about fostering a holistic educational ecosystem. Smart City in collaboration with Palladium India, aims to empower students, inspire educators, and redefine the future of learning. We are not just transforming classrooms; we are shaping the minds that will shape the world.”
Shri. Anil Tadkod, GM-IT – Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (NMSCDCL) also added, “Despite all the challenges, we were successful in completing the overall implementation on time and as per schedule. This project was able to transpire the learning process, induce active, interactive learning, enhance engagement, and highly motivated students.”
“In the upcoming phases of the project, we will focus on the enhancement of the ICT curriculum, implementation of teacher training programs, introduction of Reading Corners, and incorporation of Virtual Science Labs. The goal is to provide students with a well-rounded and immersive educational experience, aligning with modern pedagogical approaches and technological advancements,” Shri. B. T. Patil, Education Officer – Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) added.
Amit Patjoshi, CEO, of Palladium India said, “This visionary initiative embodies the future of education, seamlessly blending technology, innovation, and pedagogy. Palladium is proud to contribute to this transformative journey, and I believe that the success of the Nashik Smart School Project serves as a blueprint for educational excellence nationwide. Together, we are not just creating classrooms of the future; we are setting a standard that must be replicated in every state, laying the foundation for brighter and more empowered future leaders.”
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