Home Press Release Thane School joins campaign to raise funds for leprosy treatment

Thane School joins campaign to raise funds for leprosy treatment

Alert India
Over 800 students from Grades 2 to 7 of EuroSchool Thane joined hands for a noble cause dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people affected by leprosy. The students raised nearly Rs11 lakh through a fundraiser programme for Alert India, an NGO recognised by the Government of Maharashtra. 
The fundraising initiative that continued for around two months was led by the Principal of the school, Dr Jyotsna Mayadas, who believes that it is essential to sensitise our children to open their hearts and minds to the needs of the less fortunate people around us to build a better world.
Commenting on the heartwarming success of this fundraising initiative, EuroSchool Thane Principal Dr Jyotsna Mayadas, said, “I feel proud of every student who has volunteered to participate in this noble initiative. Their sterling efforts have truly brought joy and well-being to one of the most marginalised sections of our society—the leprosy-afflicted patients who are unfortunately shunned by all. This initiative exemplifies the core philosophy and values that EuroSchool embodies. It is imperative that we educate our children about the world around them, fostering empathy in their hearts. The efforts of our children and teachers are laudable, as they have proved to be the guardian angels for many who are neglected by society but whose lives will change for the better. As an institution, we must shape young minds, instilling in them a profound sense of social duty and equipping them with high emotional intelligence, paving the way for them to become conscientious future citizens.”
“I extend my heartfelt thanks to our school Principal and teachers for granting me the chance to give back to society. This endeavour has brought me immense satisfaction. I believe that these seemingly small gestures can make a big impact on the less fortunate, leaving a lasting impression in their hearts,” said a senior student of the school.
“In addition to the commendable efforts of the state government in assisting vulnerable families, there are daily wage labourers, slum dwellers, and other distressed communities who also require our support. Recognising the enormity of this need to assist vulnerable families, the students of EuroSchool Thane have dedicated their energy and efforts towards fundraising and creating awareness about leprosy,” said Veera M. Rao, Director, Alert-India, acknowledged the efforts of the school. She added, “We wish to thank EuroSchool Thane most sincerely for permitting us to conduct our leprosy awareness and donation drive amongst their students. The response we received has greatly encouraged us in our leprosy control work. On behalf of all of us at Alert India, please accept my appreciation and gratitude for the generous amount collected for our cause.”
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