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CSR: Bharat Forge Empowers Rural Communities with Sustainable Solutions

Solar Panel Bharat Forge
Bharat Forge, a Pune-based Indian conglomerate, made significant strides in corporate social responsibility by implementing sustainable initiatives that positively impact rural communities. Through their latest project, the Lokarpan Solaha solar water pump systems, Bharat Forge brought clean and accessible water to three villages and enhanced the educational experience for students in another village.
In the village of Rui, Bharat Forge has installed a 24 KW capacity solar water pump system known as Lokarpan Solaha. This system, equipped with solar panels, will revolutionize water accessibility for the village, ensuring that water is readily available at every doorstep. Approximately 3,600 villagers will directly benefit from this sustainable solution. By reducing dependency on electricity and diesel, the initiative will also alleviate the burden of heavy electricity bills for the Gram Panchayat, freeing up funds for the development of the entire community.
Similarly, in the villages of Belewadi and Jaygaon, Bharat Forge has implemented solar water pump systems with capacities of 12 KW and 24 KW, respectively. These systems will also provide easy access to water for approximately 3,600 and 2,300 villagers, respectively. By harnessing the power of solar energy, Bharat Forge aims to reduce environmental impact while improving the lives of rural communities.
Recognizing the importance of education, Bharat Forge has also installed a 5 KW solar system in the Zilla Parishad School at Thakarwadi village. This initiative will directly benefit 120 school children, who often face frequent power cuts during school hours. The solar system will ensure a smooth functioning of the school’s computer lab and e-learning centers, providing uninterrupted access to educational resources and enhancing the learning experience for the students.
Bharat Forge remains dedicated to driving sustainable development and positively impacting the lives of people. With their continued focus on corporate social responsibility, the company aims to create a brighter future for all.
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