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CSR: Consumer goods company and New Delhi Municipal Council host life-skills training workshop for teachers

New Delhi, India: As part of the expansion of The Durex Birds and Bees Talk (TBBT) programme, Reckitt, a global leader in consumer health, hygiene, and nutrition, organized its first training workshop for 150+ teachers, in partnership with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). TBBT programme is focused on educating adolescents and youth on growing up life skills as they encounter a range of life-changing experiences. The induction-cum-training programme aims to enable teachers with the right skill set to help young students and impart knowledge around Consent, Equity, Inclusion, Awareness and Protection.
The teachers’ workshop was conducted this week at the NDMC Convention Centre in the esteemed presence of Amit Yadav, Chairperson, NDMC, R P Sati, Director-Education, NDMC, Dr. Ashok Pandey, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM Taskforce on School Education and Advisor to the President (SDPES), Ahlcon Group of Schools, Ravi Bhatnagar, Co-Chairperson ASSOCHAM National CSR & Empowerment Councils and Director, External Affairs & Partnerships, South Asia, Reckitt and Dr. Komal Goswami, Chief of Party-Plan India and Programme Expert. The sessions were conducted by prominent domain experts in education, adolescent psychology and cybersecurity, such as, Dr Latika Bhalla, Adolescence Specialist, Dr Rachna Bhargava, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology, AIIMS, Manish Tomar, Cyber Specialist and Ms. Arti Qanungo, Educationist, National Teachers’ Awardee-2023 & Finalist-Global Teachers Award-2019.
Ravi Bhatnagar, Co-Chairperson ASSOCHAM National CSR Council & Empowerment Council and Director, External Affairs & Partnerships, South Asia, Reckitt, said, “At Reckitt, we believe that nurturing young minds ensures a promising tomorrow. Educators have the power to inspire future leaders and play a pivotal step in ensuring an inclusive society. Through the Durex TBBT training programme, we aim to provide teachers with the right skills to imbibe adolescents with essential knowledge, transforming them into informed, empathetic, and confident adults. We are thankful to NDMC for joining us in our vision to impart growing-up life skills among adolescents and youth.”
The workshops are a comprehensive effort to create a more informed and responsible society by equipping the educators with necessary knowledge and skills to deliver comprehensive life skills curriculum to students. With a primary goal of inducting the nodal representatives from partner schools into the TBBT fraternity, the workshop envisions to inform the teachers of the programme objectives, modalities, and the timelines.
Amit Yadav, Chairperson NDMC gave insights to the teaching community and enlightened them with the scope of learning activities for the students as well as teachers during the workshop. He said, “40% of a students’ wake up time goes in school and thus it is important to have an interaction in school which is guided with proper communication and learning for the betterment of society. Education lays a basic foundation for the child to grow in life, he added. Teachers play a major role in diversifying the role of a student’s learning. It’s critical that interactions there be facilitated by appropriate communication and education for the benefit of society as a whole.”
Deepak Sood, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM & Trustee, ASSOCHAM Foundation for CSR, said, “As part of Durex TBBT programme, we are working towards motivating adolescents in their transient phase of life with proper awareness, education, counseling and guidance. Through the training workshops, we aim to educate the educators, providing them with adequate knowledge to help adolescents develop into healthy adults.”
The inaugural workshop also provided a platform for project functionaries to voice their concerns with respect to handling students at a critical and transformative stage in their lives. The event witnessed a skit performance by students, introducing the programme, TBBT characters, along with raising awareness around the need for imparting growing-up life skills.
The life skills curriculum under Durex TBBT programme covers a broader range of topics as adolescents encounter a range of life-changing experiences that necessitate coping and adaptation. The curriculum is divided into two parts for ages 10 to 14 and 15 to 19. It consists of training modules on- Growing Up and Physical Bodies, Social Relations, Self and Safety, Physical Development, Self and Relationships, Health and Body, Safety and Information. The comprehensive curriculum is developed to inform students about the nuances of sexuality, life skills, sexual preferences and safer practices in order to leave no room for misinformation or doubt. TBBT’s efforts are aimed at nurturing young minds to cultivate self-aware, inclusive, empathetic, and kind human beings.



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