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Climate-First Agri Companies Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture in India

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Climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing global challenges of our time, with significant implications for the agriculture sector. In India, where agriculture plays a vital role in the economy and the sustenance of millions of people, the need for climate-friendly agricultural practices has become increasingly important. Fortunately, several agri companies in India have recognized this urgency and are pioneering sustainable approaches to farming. These climate-first agri companies prioritize environmental sustainability, resilience, and adaptation to climate change, while also striving to improve farmer livelihoods and food security. Through innovative technologies, precision agriculture, and eco-friendly solutions, these companies are leading the way in building a more sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural sector in India. Let us explore some of the notable climate-first agri companies in India and their contributions towards sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation.

Unnati AgriTech

Unnati AgriTech is a trailblazing fintech-based agricultural platform that emerged from the visionary ideas of Mr. Amit Sinha and Mr. Ashok Prasad. Recognizing the persistent challenges faced by farmers in India, the founders set out to create a transformative solution that could address the unpredictability of farming and the lack of access to critical production inputs and information.
With a deep commitment to empowering farmers and fostering transparency in the agricultural sector, Unnati AgriTech offers a user-friendly platform that enables farmers to make well-informed decisions. Through real-time data analytics and expert insights, farmers gain valuable knowledge to optimize their agricultural practices and increase productivity. This data-driven approach is instrumental in minimizing risks and enhancing the overall efficiency of farming operations.
Unnati AgriTech’s impact on Indian agriculture extends beyond individual farmers. The platform fosters community engagement, enabling farmers to connect with each other and share their experiences, knowledge, and best practices. By promoting collaboration, Unnati facilitates collective learning and contributes to the development of a closely-knit and informed farming community.
Central to Unnati’s mission is its dedication to sustainable and climate-ready agriculture. Understanding the urgent need to address environmental challenges, the company actively sources and promotes eco-friendly agricultural products and practices. By offering a diverse range of sustainable solutions, Unnati AgriTech enables farmers to adopt climate-smart techniques that reduce their ecological footprint and promote long-term environmental resilience.
Through its technological innovations, Unnati AgriTech contributes significantly to building a more environmentally friendly and resilient agriculture sector in India. The platform’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and ensure food security for future generations.


Founded by the visionary Mr. Sandeep Sabharwal in 2009, SLCM has established itself as a leading organization in India’s agriculture sector. Recognizing the critical challenges posed by climate change, SLCM actively embraces environmentally friendly practices to mitigate the agricultural sector’s impact on the environment.
The company’s pioneering initiative, Agri Suraksha, represents a holistic approach to addressing climate change’s pressing challenges in agriculture. By integrating advanced technology, such as IoT devices and AI-powered analytics, Agri Suraksha enables precise monitoring and management of agricultural produce throughout the supply chain. This not only minimizes post-harvest losses but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with wastage.
Another commendable initiative by SLCM is the implementation of solar cameras across various agricultural storage facilities. By harnessing solar energy for surveillance purposes, SLCM significantly reduces its carbon footprint and contributes to renewable energy adoption in the agriculture sector.
SLCM’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond technology-driven solutions. The company actively advocates and facilitates the adoption of eco-friendly farming practices, such as organic farming and water-saving techniques. Through knowledge-sharing and capacity-building initiatives, SLCM empowers farmers to embrace climate-resilient practices, thus contributing to a greener and more sustainable agricultural landscape in India.
With its unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, SLCM stands as a role model for climate-first agri companies. The company’s initiatives exemplify how sustainable agriculture practices can foster a more prosperous and climate-resilient agriculture sector, ensuring food security for the nation while protecting the planet’s natural resources.


Aquaconnect stands as a trailblazing full-stack aquaculture platform, featuring embedded fintech capabilities that have revolutionized the aquaculture industry in India. Leveraging the power of satellite remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Aquaconnect offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to empower aquaculture farmers, retailers, and seafood buyers alike.
One of Aquaconnect’s key missions is to bridge the gap between aquaculture stakeholders, from farmers seeking access to critical farm inputs to retailers and seafood buyers eager to establish efficient post-harvest market linkages. By providing a seamless platform that facilitates communication and transactions within the aquaculture value chain, Aquaconnect streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.
Aquaconnect’s technological prowess extends beyond mere communication facilitation. The company’s unique tech solutions have significantly enhanced predictability and transparency within the aquaculture sector. Real-time data collection and analysis enable stakeholders to make informed decisions based on accurate information, minimizing risks and optimizing productivity. This data-driven approach is a game-changer for aquaculture farmers, enabling them to respond proactively to environmental changes and market demands.
Beyond the immediate benefits to aquaculture stakeholders, Aquaconnect’s innovative use of AI and satellite remote sensing carries profound implications for climate change mitigation. By enabling a data-rich environment, the company empowers farmers to adopt climate-resilient practices, reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Aquaconnect’s efforts contribute to decarbonization in the seafood value chain, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and protect marine ecosystems.
Through Aquaconnect’s platform, farmers gain valuable insights into their aquaculture operations, ranging from water quality and environmental conditions to optimal feeding patterns for their fish or shrimp. Such data-driven precision agriculture not only improves productivity and profitability but also minimizes resource wastage and reduces the sector’s overall ecological footprint.

Greenscape AgriSolutions

Greenscape AgriSolutions is an exemplary climate-first agri company in India, deeply committed to sustainable agriculture practices and environmental stewardship. With a strong emphasis on ecological balance and resource optimization, Greenscape aims to minimize the environmental impact of farming activities while maximizing agricultural productivity.
At the core of Greenscape AgriSolutions’ philosophy lies a deep-rooted understanding of the urgent need to combat climate change and its impact on agriculture. The company actively develops and promotes eco-friendly solutions, such as organic farming practices, natural pest management techniques, and efficient water management systems. By adopting these climate-resilient practices, Greenscape empowers farmers to cultivate crops in harmony with nature, reducing reliance on harmful chemicals and conserving precious natural resources.
Through its expertise in sustainable agriculture, Greenscape AgriSolutions plays a pivotal role in promoting environmental consciousness within the farming community. The company provides farmers with expert guidance, training, and access to sustainable farming practices and technologies, ensuring that they can adapt to changing climate conditions while preserving soil health and biodiversity.
Greenscape’s eco-friendly initiatives extend to crop diversification and regenerative agriculture practices, which have proven effective in restoring soil fertility and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By integrating these practices into their operations, Greenscape AgriSolutions contributes to carbon capture and climate change mitigation.
The company’s dedication to environmental sustainability is complemented by its focus on rural community development. Greenscape actively engages with farmers, empowering them with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about sustainable agriculture. This community-driven approach not only uplifts farmers’ livelihoods but also strengthens the fabric of rural life and promotes a greener and more sustainable agricultural landscape in India.

HarvestEarth Technologies

HarvestEarth Technologies stands at the forefront of climate-first agri companies, leading the charge in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to tackle the challenges posed by climate change in agriculture. The company’s innovative approach centers on precision agriculture, harnessing the power of IoT devices, weather data, and machine learning algorithms to optimize resource utilization and crop yields.
At the core of HarvestEarth’s mission is empowering farmers with data-driven insights. Through real-time data collection and advanced analytics, farmers gain a comprehensive understanding of their fields’ unique needs, allowing them to make well-informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. This precision-driven approach not only boosts crop productivity but also minimizes resource wastage, making agriculture more efficient and sustainable.
HarvestEarth Technologies’ emphasis on climate resilience is evident in its emphasis on adaptive agriculture. By continuously monitoring weather patterns and environmental changes, the company enables farmers to adapt their farming practices in response to climate variability. This proactive approach enhances the sector’s resilience in the face of unpredictable weather events and climate fluctuations.
Beyond its contributions to individual farmers, HarvestEarth plays a significant role in promoting environmental consciousness within the agricultural sector. By encouraging the adoption of climate-smart technologies and sustainable farming practices, the company fosters a greener and more eco-friendly agriculture landscape in India.
Incorporating data-driven decision-making into farming operations also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with conventional farming practices. This indirect contribution to climate change mitigation aligns with global efforts to combat the impacts of climate change and promote sustainable development.
As climate change continues to pose significant threats to agriculture, these climate-first agri companies in India demonstrate the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in shaping the future of farming. Their innovative approaches and commitment to eco-friendly practices pave the way for a resilient and climate-ready agricultural sector that can support the growing needs of the nation while safeguarding the planet for future generations.