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Children of 450 Labourers Find A ‘Guardian of Hope’


Migrant workers travel to various parts of the country in order to find jobs and sustain their families. Their main aim is to help their families and children to secure a better living and future.

Emaar India under their “Guardian of Hope” programme nurtures a joyful childhood for the children of construction labourers with the same vision. The crèche programmes are functioning across its 9 project sites for children of migrant workers. The life of 450 labourers children will be with a fulfilled health, nutrition and education needs in a well-planned manner.

The children are from age group 0-12 years, divided into three broad categories: the youngest ones from 0-3 years, the Balwadi group of 3-6 years, and the bridge course group of 6-12 years. Nutritious meal, growth monitoring, doctor’s visit, innovative learning methodology not just ensures proper growth and development of the children but also gives a peace of mind to their parents.

For Chandni – a migrant labourer from Mathura, getting a private education for her kids was out of question. But now she feels that the education provided is satisfying. “My son is happy to attend school every day,” she says. The story is similar with Rashmi and Sarita, who work with Chandni.

Samaritans like Sangeeta, a caretaker of one of the crèche at a construction site, are far and few and often struggle to get contractors and developers to see the benefits of welfare. “Initially I faced much difficulty and opposition. It was a long struggle before I could make any headway.”

With help of people like Sangeeta 9 crèches are running  at project sites and they ensures that the children are looked after, providing with nutrition and have access to basic education.

Sangeeta says “The crèche staff are trained & monitored on regular basis to ensure appropriate upbringing of kids. Time to time, the inhabitants of residential projects quiet often volunteer to teach and spend some quality time with the crèche children. Recently, a movie screening session was organised at the theatre of one of the residential complex’s clubhouse where over 200 kids and 20 staff members enjoyed the movie.”

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