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The Under-nourished Backbone of Rural India

Recently an ad on water conservation projects suggested how a middle aged woman in a village who used to walk long distances for water now could afford to use her free time to walk for fitness instead. Though work and health wise, this woman might have benefited immensely from this particular project, the situation...

Struggling To Maintain A “pH 12” Balance

The dire poverty in our country makes necessity the mother of invention. In a country where 59.2% of the population lives on less than Rs 150 a day, rural households cannot afford expensive menstrual products such as sanitary napkins. To make do with easily available and cheap material has become a way of life...

Toilets For All: It’s Time To Walk The Talk

Following the Prime Minister’s toilets-for-all clarion call, different ministries have already started drawing up blueprints with executable plans, even as government sources admit preparing a collaborative strategy to manage wp funds is proving to be a challenge.

Care For A Lemonade By ‘Mr. Failed Lemon’?

French supermarket Intermarché is making its customers laugh their way into buying a whole range of healthy but unpopular fruits and vegetables that would otherwise end up in a trash bin. The result? This sustainable supermarket is doing roaring business. Desi supermarkets, are you listening?

Talk To Me

Serial innovator Neeti Kailas has made Sohum, a device to screen deafness in newborns, portable, keeping healthcare voids of rural India in mind. It has an easy reading mechanism to make the test simple for health workers who may not be literate.

What’s in Store for Graduates in Organic Farming

As the Indira Gandhi National Open University introduces a Certificate Course in Organic Farming, here’s a look at the current demand for organic produce in India and Global markets and why there is need for Government & Corporate backing for the Indian Organic Farming dream to materialize.

Dial 108 To Live: More States To Add Unified Emergency Number?

J&K among states considering adopting GVK EMRI, India’s largest emergency management service, and part of infra major GVK’s wp activity, after service is shown to reduce maternal mortality rates in states where it is functional.

Modi On I-Day: Sanitation A Priority

SANITATION seems to have become the buzzword ever since Prime Minister Narendi Modi has assumed office, or perhaps even before. In his first, what could be called a thanksgiving speech at the ghats of the river Ganga after winning his Lok Sabha constituency earlier this year, Modi had empathetically emphasized on the need of...

Heal me, Dr. Food!

Hospitals in the US are shifting to fresh, organic food to improve the health of their patients. Corporate houses in India could similarly harness the vast tradition of Ayurveda, adopting and strategically implementing the concept of ‘Food as Medicine’ as a business or wp activity.

Big B vs. TB – Watch & Spread the Word

Since large scale awareness is essential to prevent TB, who better than the megastar Amitabh Bachchan to command the attention of the common man and create awareness on the subject. In this Campaign video, Mr. Bachchan talks of early diagnosis and cure – a vital message delivered effortlessly and effectively with the power to...

Champions Of The Toilet

One out of every two people practicing open defecation globally lives in India. In fact, India has more than double the number of people practicing open defecation (OD) than the next 18 countries combined. The practice negatively affects health and is a leading cause of diarrhea, which kills 300,000 children each year in India,...

Wockhardt Adds 100th Mobile Van To M’tra Healthcare Service

WOCKHARDT Foundation reached a milestone achievement of adding the 100<sup>th </sup>Mobile 1000 health van, to its rapidly expanding healthcare services. The latest van will ply in Vaijapur village in Aurangabad. Launched in 2007, Wockhardt Foundation’s ISO 9001:2008 approved Mobile 1000 programme has been successfully administering high quality, free, primary healthcare services to growing number...

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