My Earth 2050 Sustainable Habitats for Co-Existence by Godrej & K C College

‘My Earth 2050: Sustainable Habitats for Co-Existence’ by Godrej & K C College

Around 125 Biology students and professors from 17 colleges and two NGOs of Mumbai participated in ‘My Earth 2050: Sustainable Habitats for Co-Existence’ organized by K C College and Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd. The two-day National Biodiversity Conclave discussed biodiversity management in three sessions with focus on development & infrastructure projects, ecosystem...
Protestors at sal forest in Balarampur

CSR: How villagers in Odisha saved sal forest from a factory using Chipko & media

The trees of the Jhinkargadi forest have been nurtured for three generations by the villagers of Balarampur in Odisha. For more than four decades, since 1972 the villagers, especially women have been involved in taking care of the forest. Everyone from the village is part of the traditional rotational forest patrolling routine, under which...
tree plantation MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip’s GoGreen Drive Helps Plant One Million Trees

MakeMyTrip has successfully supported plantation of One Million Trees through MakeMyTrip Foundation in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand and Udaipur districts as part of its efforts to support responsible travel. The drive has been carried out in partnership with Seva Mandir, a leading non-profit organization that works with local communities on development projects, especially focusing on sustainability. The...
food industry

Why choosing Organic Food is not enough to bring Sustainability in Food Industry

Health concerns over additional preservatives in food and concerns over how food is being produced has made the organic food industry very popular. In fact, according to a report by Zion Market Research titled “Organic Food and Beverage Market: Global Industry Perspective” global organic food and beverages market was valued at approximately USD 124.76 billion in...
Navi Mumbai airport

CSR: Navi Mumbai Airport Displacing Families, Destroying Ecosystems

Besides displacing thousands of people, the proposed Navi Mumbai international airport is expected to destroy local mangrove and wetland ecosystems. 3,500 families displaced Approximately 3,500 families residing in 10 villages are being displaced a new airport in Navi Mumbai. They have sustained a long-term struggle for fair rehabilitation, according to GAAM (Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement). A perfunctory one-hour...
Nagas of Nagaland

CSR: Responsible Behaviour by Tribals of Nagaland

Festivals in India are an excuse for people to throw caution to the wind and cause air, soil, water, light and noise pollution with an excuse of celebration. Since the festivals have religious significance in the country, it becomes difficult to convince people to avoid the celebratory rituals that cause pollution. Because of this,...

CSR: Calling Out Environmental Racism

The idea of environmental racism is controversial. Even in the age of climate change, many people still view the environment mostly as a set of forces of nature. To many people, racism often connotes purposeful decisions by a master hand, and many see existing segregation as a self-sorting or poverty problem. Among the injustices faced...
Air Pollution - PUC

CSR: Mandatory PUC certificate for Vehicle Insurance

India is facing a crisis in terms of air pollution. More than half of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. In order to control the situation, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate was made mandatory by the government of India under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989. However, the...

CSR: Not So Smart Smartphones

Smartphones have taken up our lives by a storm. Be it for business, relationships, transportation, or healthcare, we will face a handicap without these devices. India is one of the largest smartphone users in the world. With the rise of the digital revolution, AI, and an increasing number of apps, the demand for smartphones...
Global warming- Rise in 1.5 degree warming

CSR: Why half a degree rise in Global Warming matters

The earth has warmed by more than a degree Celsius since the 19th century. While this may sound an insignificant rise of temperature, it can cause magnanimous changes in the living conditions. A United Nations (UN) report has listed consequences of temperatures rise difference from 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius. Status of Arctic summer sea...

Travelling the sustainable path

When I was growing up in Varanasi in the ‘80s, a vacation typically meant visiting relatives in other towns or a must-see tourist destination – the Taj Mahal, Golconda Fort, the Pink City and so on. Times are changing. I see today’s leisure travellers looking for personal experiences like engaging with locals to eat their...
sustainable packaging

Samsung Electronics to Replace Plastic Packaging with Sustainable Materials

Samsung Electronics has announced that the company will start taking steps this year to replace plastic packaging materials with paper and other environmentally sustainable elements. From the first half of 2019, the packaging used currently for Samsung’s products and accessories – ranging from mobile phones and tablets to home appliances – will be substituted with...

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