Small Scale Fisheries

CSR: The Role of Small Scale Fisheries in Blue Economy

Addressing the sustainability of blue economy is a matter of concern across the globe. Especially for India as the country is surrounded by sea from three sides. The health of the oceans and that of other marine species rely on this. The blue economy has been a conversation topic since a while now with...
climate change

Indian companies commit to climate change action

As SBTs (Science Based Targets) become the new norm for corporate sustainability, embracing of renewables and integration of energy efficiency is spurring new innovations, even as carbon pricing is being adopted as a mechanism to hedge future climate risk. Vendor selection based on climate mitigation actions IndusInd Bank prefers vendors that demonstrate some climate change mitigation...
human rights vs renewable energy

CSR Dilemma – Environment Vs Human Rights

The corporate sector is increasingly getting involved in solving climate problems by making a lot of changes in its operations as well as through their core product offerings. In the last several years there has been an advancement in technology that works towards solving environment-related problems. The Indian renewable energy sector is the fourth most...
Waste Decomposer

CSR: Innovation to Manage Waste and Facilitate Organic Farming

India generates about 62 million tons of bio-waste every year. Average of 10 million tons of cow dung is generated every year in the ‘gaushalas’ of the country. About 11 million tons of press mud is generated from the sugar mills which has high nutrition value. The solution to tackle this waste was to...
Adani coal mine site in Australia

Australia: Adani coal mine should be suspended, UN says

The United Nations has asked the Australian Government to consider suspending the Adani project in central Queensland until it gains the support of a group of traditional owners who are fighting the miner in court. A UN committee raised concerns that the Queensland coal project may violate Indigenous rights under an international convention against racial...
Inclusive Agriculture

CSR: How Agriculture Affects Health

Inclusive Agriculture is a type of organic agriculture where all the organisms are considered important in food production. It is a practice where every organism has a role to play, and thus, none of them is killed. It respects the natural food chain of different living beings. The fertilisers used for this kind of...
Agriculture and Water Pollution

CSR: Agriculture and Water Pollution

“Some of the major issues of the world can be tackled by inclusive farming,” said Manoj Solanki, Farmer at ‘Chintan Farms’, Shri Ram Krushna Trust. Agriculture is connected to every aspect of life. This is because it is in the centre of nature’s life and the food cycle. Too much unnatural interference in it disturbs...

CSR: The Nature’s Ecosystem in Agriculture

Agriculture was the highest contributor to India’s GDP for the longest time. In India, agriculture was viewed as the most prestigious profession followed by trading/business and service, before the British Raj according to the historical texts. With the majority of people practising agriculture, there was no need of importing food products in the country. British...

CSR: Using AI for disaster relief

Natural disasters kill more than 50,000 people and displace tens of millions more each year. The total economic damage amounts to more than $100 billion annually. Populations in less developed countries are hardest hit: in countries with a medium or low human development index, up to six times as many people can be affected by...

CSR: Four ways to support Sustainability Conscious Restaurants

India houses the largest number of malnourished children in the world. Despite this, 40% of food produced in the country is wasted. Food waste is a huge problem in the country. Restaurant industry plays a significant role in it. There are several restaurants taking various measures to reduce waste. However, some of these efforts...

CSR: Corporates step up to Climate Change

2018 drew to a close with a hotly-contested ‘Katowice Climate Package’ finalised at COP24 establishing a set of guidelines to make the Paris Agreement operational by 2020. It was also a year that saw extreme weather events cause devastation throughout most of the world as in India with unprecedented flooding in Kerala and hurricanes battering...
Taj Lake Palace

Building an Environmentally Conscious Brand: In Letter and Spirit

I was intrigued that every big programme launched by the Indian Hotel Company (also known as The Taj Group of Hotels) had small beginnings. Since 2007, IHCL was trying to undertake a lot of environmental initiatives. However, very soon they realized the lack of progress and its measurement. Meanwhile, figures showed that the travel and...

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