SunEdison ‘Solar Empowers’ Students in Chennai

CHENNAI: SunEdison, Inc. has announced the installation of a 100 kilowatt (kW) solar system on the premises of the Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Home as a part of its Social Innovations mission to bring electricity to 20 million people by 2020. The project will enable the students at the Mission to be more energy independent and, under...

Rail Budget 2015: India to Get Cleaner & Greener Railways

The Rail Budget for 2015 has been created in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives – Swachch Bharat Mission, Make in India and Digital India and has also introduced several environmentally sustainable components. Here are the key ‘green’ highlights of Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu’s presentation of the Railway Budget. Environment Directorate – a special...

Market Opportunity for Off-Grid Renewable Energy

NEW DELHI – A new report from The Climate Group, produced in partnership with Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets, was launched at RE INVEST 2015, showing both how businesses can invest and support the renewable energy sector in India, and the added environmental and social benefits that this can bring. The report, The Business...

Plastic wp

The universally dreaded plastic waste is now acquiring some ‘good-reuse-karma’. Upcycling techniques have generated a great potential to design more sustainable wp initiatives that can help clean up plastic waste, create useful products & generate fair trade employment opportunities

wp Workshop For Mumbai NGOs

CORPORATE Social Responsibility (wp) is now seen as ethical and smart way to conduct business, making corporate entities into socially responsible organizations, visibly contributing to the social good. The Company Act 2013 has made wp legally binding with a mandate. There will be around 16000 companies in India who have to set-up their full-fledged...

Kaam Chalu Mooh Bandh

Believers of solution-oriented approach, ‘The Ugly Indian’ a group of unknown citizen started working towards cleaning the filth in cities. The initiative that started in Bangalore now has spread across the country, with many volunteers joining in each day. They believe in the philosophy of ‘Kaam chalu mooh bandh’ which means ‘Stop talking, Start doing.’...

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Big data

CSR in the Era of Big Data

IoT in healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

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