Home Press Release Breaking Barriers: ELevate 2024 empowers children through sports, music and creativity

Breaking Barriers: ELevate 2024 empowers children through sports, music and creativity

Bangalore, India: ELevate 2024, Enabling Leadership’s flagship year-end event, recently concluded at St. Joseph’s University, Bengaluru, on February 17th and 18th. Over 900 regional champions from across India competed across three programs – Play (football), Create (music), and Build (Lego) – showcasing their exceptional abilities. The event was filled with two days of spirited football matches, captivating music performances, and awe-inspiring LEGO showcases.
ELevate 2024 stands as a bold initiative to address educational disparities with a sharp focus on inclusivity. More than mere competition, it catalyzes real change, empowering children from government schools and low-income communities to become productive and responsible citizens.
Amidst the formidable challenges in education, Enabling Leadership remains committed to its goal of breaking down barriers that cause inequality. Its programs build resilience and foster the indispensable skills to help break the cycle of poverty. This year’s event had 10,000 children aged 9 to 15 participating, and was an inspiring celebration of excellence. The event in Bangalore welcomed children who had emerged as winners from competitions held across 9 locations nationwide over the past several months.
ELevate 2024 drew the support and encouragement of senior corporate executives, government officers and educators. This august attendance underscored the transformative power of the event is helping shape lives and communities.
Reflecting on the event, Ravi Sonnad, Founder & CEO, Enabling Leadership, remarked, “ELevate is not just a competition, but an integral part of our programs, providing an opportunity for children to strive to be their best, learn how to win and lose, and learn how to appreciate others and thrive in diversity”
Building on the resounding success of its previous edition held in Mumbai in 2023, ELevate 2024 continues to set new benchmarks. The 2023 edition was Inaugurated by Mr. Gopal Shetty, Member of Parliament (Mumbai – North), and had over 700 boys and girls from government and low-income schools across nine regions converging for two days. The event vividly demonstrated the tangible impact of Enabling Leadership’s programs.




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