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Usha Uthup, Raghav Sachar and other Bollywood singers at free virtual concert ‘Hope and Believe’ for COVID-19 aid

Remarkable singers Usha Uthup and Raghav Sachar will join hands with other popular Indian artists for the “Hope and Believe” virtual concert on 29th May 2021. The voluntary fundraiser event, which is free to attend, not only aims to provide much-needed respite via live music during the pandemic, but also to raise funds for the Bhumi COVID-19 relief campaign.
Usha Uthup and Raghav will be joined by renowned artists like Anusha Mani, Nakash Aziz, Jyotica Tangri, Amit Mishra, Meghna Mishra, Lydian Nadhasawaram, Twin Strings, Moti Khan, Sid-K and others for a musical marathon of 6 hours for viewers.
The event is organized by Artkonnect and Brandaid Events, with support from MPL Sports Foundation and RedFM. It will be broadcast live on all the organizers’ Facebook pages as well as the MTV India Music Summit’s Facebook page.
The concert, aptly titled “Hope and Believe” is using music, the universal language of healing, to provide a ray of hope. The event will also generate funds to aid youth NGO Bhumi’s efforts to battle the virus.
Speaking about the event, Usha Uthup said, “I know currently the times are really hard for everyone, but we need to fight this and be positive, stay happy and help each other. I feel Artkonnect & Brandaid are doing appreciable work by bringing in a 6 hour-long music concert which is totally free to watch, to lift up the spirits of everyone.”
Singer and composer Raghav Sachar said, “Hope is an extremely powerful four-letter word and hope is what keeps us together in these dire times. I am delighted to share my music with everyone to bring some happiness and joy in these gloomy times.”
Anand Kanwar & Rishiraj Gudwani, Directors at Artkonnect Management, said, “It’s an honour and pleasure to bring something like this together. Initially, we were apprehensive but when we spoke to the artists on the cause of revisiting happiness, we realized we were not alone in thinking something must be done to bring the smile back. We are so glad that the artists’ community has come forward with their full support to entertain and connect with their audience again.”
Meanwhile, Anubhav Argal, Director of Brandaid Events, added, “This is the least we can do to give back to our community. We host the biggest of events around the world and that is because this beautiful country gave us the opportunity to do so. If we don’t put our foot forward and do this, with zero monetary gain, then the events industry would make no sense to me. We spread happiness through our events and ‘Hope and Believe’ is just that.”

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