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Bakery brand targets Carbon and Plastic Footprint Reduction by the end of FY-2023

India’s largest artisan bakery brand, The Baker’s Dozen, has embarked on an impactful sustainable initiative starting this financial year.
The brand has unveiled partnerships with ‘Recykal’, ‘Wastelink’ and ‘Climes’ the companies that will help the brand make substantial progress in reducing its carbon footprint.
The brand will also focus on achieving plastic neutrality by recycling the equivalent amount of plastic it employs in close cooperation with the reputable company ‘Recykal’.
With ‘Wastelink’, the brand’s focus will be on food waste management to offset the carbon emissions stemming from food returns, while the association with ‘Climes’ will target counterbalancing the brand’s overall carbon footprint in a way that involves TBD’s community of customers – giving them the opportunity to participate in the brand’s climate action.
The Baker’s Dozen will also be seen optimizing delivery routes to reduce emissions through the supply chain.
The brand will also be seen actively encouraging its employees and stakeholders to create awareness about the importance of sustainability and encouraging their active participation in environmentally responsible practices.
They have been able to arrange the capital for this through cost reductions in secondary packaging and gas consumption, which have also helped reduce their carbon emissions. The idea was to generate funds by cost cutting measures in areas that would also reduce carbon footprints.
Commenting on this initiative, Aditi Handa, Co-founder & Head Chef, The Baker’s Dozen mentioned, “All things that we have gotten right are because of an ask our customers had. In 2019, when we shifted to plastic packaging, it upset some of our customers and they were honest enough to share their disappointment with us. Since then, we have been wanting to do something to offset it. Although later than what I had hoped, but earlier than never, we have finally embarked on our journey to give back to our mother earth for all that it showers us with. This is a small but significant start for us and it will only become bigger and bigger. This all is culminating into a meaningful reality thanks to our super dedicated and passionate partners Recykal, Wastelink and Climes.”
Commenting on the partnership, Anirudh Gupta, Co-Founder, Climes said, “Climate action has now become everyone’s responsibility. It’s such a great signal for the world that a widely-loved brand like The Bakers Dozen has made sustainability a core value and a key ingredient in their DNA. Across waste, water and carbon, TBD is charting a path to becoming a more purposeful brand, that’s great for consumers, great for their business, and amazing for our Planet. With Climes, TBD has opted to involve their entire community (consumers, investors, vendors) in their carbon-action plan – both online and offline! We’re proud to partner with them and enable a new form of climate action that’s interactive, transparent and most importantly, inclusive.”
Krishnan Kasturirangan, Co-founder, Wastelink shared, “We are proud to partner with The Baker’s Dozen towards their carbon footprint reduction. Food waste handling typically goes under the radar when compared to other categories of waste which The Baker’s Dozen has boldly chosen to tackle. Wastelink’s association with The Baker’s Dozen across its footprint guarantees ethical and sustainable upcycling of food waste to animal nutrition.”
Ekta Narain, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Recykal commented, “Congratulations to ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ on their remarkable achievement of plastic neutrality! We commend their dedication and commitment to sustainable practices. By effectively offsetting their plastic footprint, they have contributed to a greener and cleaner environment and set a compelling example for other businesses to follow. As more forward-thinking brands step up to offset their plastic usage, our mission at Recykal is to bring 10 percent of India’s waste into a circular Economy by 2027. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for future generations.”




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