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The politics and control of seeds by corporations

‘Development' in agriculture by the mechanization of agrarian systems did not only make agriculture dependent on machines but, with time and technological development, has gradually been successful in reigning over every agricultural input. As the first link to our agricultural and food system, the seed becomes one of the most inevitable inputs to do farming....

Agroecology: A socio-ecological solution to the agricultural crisis

Art | Science | Innovation | Traditional Knowledge | Social Relations | Community Ties | Ecological sensitivity | Sustainable Living | Diversity | Economic Balance. These are not merely keywords but point towards a system that amalgamates all these and much more. The food and agricultural systems around the world have become technology centric, pushing...
Don't You Waste Food campaign

Food Waste Campaign Encourages Communities to Engage Pan-India

“I gave a starving woman living on the streets a bowl of rice. She looked in wonder as I handed it to her. She said she had not eaten in many days. Looking at it while I put it beside her, without eating, she died. The torture of hunger finished her,” Mother Teresa once...

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