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The Resurgence of Indian Origin Sports

Cricket has been the most popular sport in our country for many years, but it is a sport we have inherited from the British. So what did we play before the whole “cricket-fever” gripped the nation? India had been a nation of sportsmen and sportswomen long before the British decided to take over. From the...

Technology & Sports – A Recipe for Success

Imagine you have to go to work on the day of India’s 2019 CWC final against a well-deserved side, and there is no way for you to know who won? Who scored the maximum runs? Who took the maximum wickets? Before you see it again during the late night highlights. Won’t that make us...
Jitu Rai

Indian Army Making India Proud – On and Off the Battlefield

The Indian Army is among the largest in the world in terms of sheer strength but is second to none when it comes to securing the borders from our adversaries. Over the years, the Indian Army has also played a key role in providing the country with some of the finest athletes. Let’s reminisce the...
1983 Cricket World Cup

Never Undermine An Underdog

The story of Lagaan is an interesting one. What is essentially a tale of the British Raj going about with its business in what is the crown jewel of her majesty’s colonial empire, suddenly turns into the ultimate underdog story. Central to the movie’s narrative is also the British officers using all means to...
music is a performance booster for athletes

Music: A Performance Booster For Athletes

Think of a Premier League game, any premier league game from last season. When the players are walking into the stadium, there’s one accessory ― in the case of many, it will resonate with almost any of us; it’s their headphones. This isn’t isolated to footballers only. Rather, it’s a ritual that is embedded...

An Ode To India’s Mr. Consistent Genius!

When it comes to sport in India, the word consistency has applied to but a few. Sporting talent has seen but not always conquered, other times it was the potential not living up to expectation. India has held its breath, waiting patiently for those few who can take our collective breath away. But in...

India As A Football Nation

There is something about the World Cup, doesn’t matter what sport or who is playing. It is a special feeling to feel involved in anything where at the end you hear someone became World Champion. But the winners aside, the World Cup can be a make and yes break – just ask the Brazilian...

Beyond Cricket: How Indian Sports Is More Than Just India’s Favourite Pastime

During any Olympics, an athlete burrowing deep into the collective conscious is hardly news. But on 14th August 2016, something special was unravelling. The nation was gripped by the performance of an athlete and her story was something else altogether. To begin with, she wasn’t anywhere close to what you would call a household...

The Evolution: Indian Sports at a Global Arena

The term paradigm shift is an interesting one. If you considered a dictionary meaning then it will reveal a paradigm shift as a shift in direction of any business or strategy of a nation from the past for the betterment of future, or something along those lines. If we keep the year 2000 as a starting point, what is that moment when you felt Indian sport made that shift?

‘Mission Eleven Million’ And Its Role To Change The Football Landscape Of India

India had arrived finally at the international football scene and would be rubbing shoulders with the big players of the world.

The Story Behind India’s Sporting History

There is a prominent narrative that we hear when we mention sport and India and it is that we as a country seem to lack a “sporting culture”. While we are all aware of the country’s rich cultural heritage, diversity and unique traditions, what is arcane to the masses is that sport has also...

Aspirational Brands Pick Inspirational Sport

“Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” — Nelson Mandela. To understand why sport is becoming the first pick for leading brands, we must understand how brand communication has evolved to suit contemporary society....

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