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Gender Disparities in Eye Health in India

Gender-related barriers to healthcare are not newfound. The gender disparities in eye health cannot be simplified. There are several complexities including decades of social conditioning that has led to the stark gap in accessing overall healthcare including eye health seeking behaviour of women. A lack of gender parity is not unique to India but...

Inclusive Education & Social Inclusion Breaking Barriers For The Visually Impaired

India is home to nearly 8 million blind people, which is approximately one-fourth of the total blind population in the world. Inclusion is a fundamental birthright of every individual. People may be born without a completely functional organ or senses but that shouldn’t deter anyone from leading a life of independence and dignity. When...
Children with Disability

Dignity for Disability – Where do we stand?

As quoted by Pope Francis, “a community which even excludes one member is no community at all.” In India, the disabled individuals account for 2.21% of the total population at 2.68 crores. Social inclusion is a belief that echoes respecting and acknowledging every citizen, where people feel worthy and can voice their opinions. And...

The need for a force of ophthalmologists to improve eye health scenario in India

India’s large populace requires ophthalmic care. But the question is, does it have enough human resource to address this need? Despite major advances in affordable technology and innovative models of eye health care delivery, blindness is still a major public health issue in India due to avoidable causes such as cataract and refractive errors....

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