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Dr. Sunita Purushottam, Head of Consulting, Treeni Sustainability Solutions


Shifting CDP Goalposts

Top 6 things CEOs must know about achieving Climate Leadership With the recent Paris agreement on combating climate change, and rising concerns over environmental degradation, there is an increased awareness for the need to track greenhouse gas emissions and implement emission reduction strategies.  Transparency and disclosure by companies is key to ensure credibility of the...

Are Electric Vehicles the Answer to a Sustainable Future?

  Urban air pollution and rising carbon footprints is the scourge of Indian cities. One of the key sources of urban air pollution is vehicular emission. In this context, the Indian government's green initiatives are indeed laudable. They are facing the situation and addressing environmental concerns with new regulations, policies, frameworks, and audacious goals, especially...

Role Of Technology Solutions For Monitoring SDGs

Technology enabling the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals will potentially be one of the most powerful drivers of change in modern economies going forward.

6 Things The CEOs And Boards Must Know About Integrated Reporting

Businesses over time have realised that the conventional reporting is too complex, lacks relevance and wasn’t enabling the sufficient communication between businesses, stakeholders and investors. Traditional reporting has evolved to be more for regulators than for business itself.

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