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Athletes of Special Olympics Bharat pair up with Enel Green Power on Inclusive Fitness Programme

The Athletes of Special Olympics Bharat are ready to pair up with the employees of Enel Green Power India to pursue a five-week fitness regime that promises to foster Fitness as much as sensitization.
In a session held virtually on 29 January 2021, the launch of the Inclusive activity unfolded taking the viewers through a session underscoring the convergence of all three elements of good nutrition, hydration and exercise to be fit, led by Dr Lovely Gupta, Clinical Director – Health Promotion, SO Bharat. A Zumba session rejuvenated the viewers witnessing the Athletes springing up to the rhythm of music and fitness.
The plan that follows would lead the Enel Green Power participants engage in a fixed fitness routine while monitoring their day-to-day score on Tracker Sheets. Once a week, they would meet up virtually to engage exclusively with their respective Athlete partners through break-out rooms, sharing experiences with each other
In the words of Emanuele Polimanti, Head of Sustainability Asia and Oceania at Enel Green Power: “This partnership with Special Olympics will allow us to improve the awareness of Enel Green Power India colleagues regarding the Intellectual disability, by implementing a programme of mutual support provided by Special Olympics Members to Enel people and vice versa. Enel Green Power is collaborating with Special Olympics also in Mexico and Greece, within the Valuable 500 programme, the worldwide initiative catalyzing the influence of large private sector corporations that Enel is running in all its countries to work with the potential of disability, on social, economic and corporate level, in line with Enel sustainability and equality view.”
Under this programme, Enel Green Power people will also provide Special Olympics members with online programmes across topics from ‘Safe & Responsible Social Media engagement’ to ‘Waste management’ to ‘making effective Power point Presentations’ and more, with all creating a broad platform for mainstreaming the Athletes by educating and supporting a responsible attitude and judicious application of learnings.
In the words of Satish Pillai, Chairman, SO Bharat: “It is a privilege and a delight to have entities like the Enel Green Power India join our endeavour of promoting Inclusion of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. I trust that the ensuing five weeks will, along with achieving higher fitness levels, widen prospects of acceptance and respect in recognition of different abilities. We look forward to the rest of the year-plan and hope to take this engagement to proliferate deep and continuing impact in the lives of the Enel employees as well as the Special Athletes.”

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