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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Announce their Philanthropic Venture SEVVA

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are known for their successful careers in the entertainment and sports industries, respectively. But the couple has also been making headlines for their philanthropic efforts. At the recent Indian Sports Honour awards, they announced the launch of their new philanthropic venture called SEVVA. SEVVA is an acronym for their names – ‘SE’ of self, ‘V’ of Virat, ‘V’ of Vamika (their daughter), and ‘A’ of Anushka.
In their speech at the event, the couple expressed their desire to give back to society and shared their philosophy of philanthropy. Virat quoted Khalil Ghibran, saying that the truest form of giving is not donating material wealth but sharing a part of oneself. Anushka added that they are just instruments, and they are offering seva (service) with a head bowed in gratitude.

Philanthropy and Contribution to Society

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been contributing to society in various ways. Virat has been providing scholarships in sports and sponsoring athletes. He has also been vocal about mental health issues and has been advocating for the need to prioritise mental health in sports. Anushka, on the other hand, has been working for animal welfare and has been associated with various animal welfare organisations. She has also been promoting sustainable fashion and has been vocal about the need to reduce our carbon footprint.
Through SEVVA, Virat and Anushka plan to continue their individual efforts and work together for women and child welfare. They also plan to involve their daughter Vamika in their journey of philanthropy when she is older.

Veganism and Spirituality

Anushka and Virat are both vegans and have been promoting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. They believe in living a conscious and mindful life, which is evident in their dietary choices. They are also often spotted at the ashram of their spiritual guru, where they seek guidance and inspiration.

The Launch of SEVVA

SEVVA was launched with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. Anushka and Virat expressed their gratitude towards their fans and supporters and shared their vision for SEVVA. The foundation aims to create a positive impact on society and provide assistance to those in need. The couple has always been committed to making a difference, and SEVVA is a step towards realizing that vision.
Anushka and Virat plan to work closely with SEVVA and ensure that the foundation makes a significant impact on society. The couple believes that every individual has the power to create change and make a difference, and SEVVA is an extension of that belief.
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s new philanthropic venture, SEVVA, represents their commitment to giving back to society and making a positive impact in the world. Their shared goals, combined with their passion for animal welfare, sports, and women and child welfare, will undoubtedly make a difference in the lives of many. As a family, they are setting an example for others to follow and inspiring us all to give back in any way we can.