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Anand Mahindra, Shantanu Narayen win 2020 Leadership Award for strengthening US-India bilateral ties

At the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) third Annual Leadership Summit entitled U.S.-India Week: Navigating New Challenges, Anand Mahindra (Chairman, Mahindra Group) and Shantanu Narayen (Chairman and CEO, Adobe) were conferred with the 2020 Leadership Award for exemplary vision towards promoting U.S.-India bilateral ties.
The 2020 USISPF Leadership Awards is given to two business leaders who have displayed leadership and ambition in strengthening the U.S.-India bilateral economic partnership, especially at a time when the global economy is faced with uncertainties and businesses are forced to pivot from their core capabilities. The USISPF is a non-profit organization, with the primary objective of strengthening the U.S.-India bilateral and strategic partnership.
Anand Mahindra said, “If the Mahindra Group is seen as contributing to U.S.-India business ties, it is the achievement of my colleagues who have labored long and hard in a difficult and unfamiliar market to make the Mahindra brand known. Thanks to their spirit of enterprise, we have seven businesses in the U.S. Our businesses have invested more than a billion dollars and continue to expand in both urban and rural areas. Our engagement has deepened over a quarter of a century and we are here for the long haul. To them goes the honour, and it is on their behalf that I accept this award.”
The week-long programme, which convened virtually this year from August 31- September 3, included a range of strategic discussions between USISPF’s board members that includes 21 Fortune 500 CEOs and senior government officials from both countries. The programme also hosted a public session with Mahindra Group’s Deputy Managing Director, Dr. Anish Shah engaging in conversation with U.S. Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade, Joseph Semsar.
The summit highlighted areas of bilateral cooperation: trade and investment relations; strategic energy ties; India’s position in global supply chains, collaboration in fintech, healthcare, and technology; building a fair tax regime to attract FDIs, among others.

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