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CSR News: Aarav Solutions rolls out Edtech initiative Sanvid in Gujarat

Jadishwar Charitable Trust, supported by Aarav Solutions which operates in the product engineering and IT consulting services space, has launched ‘Sanvid’, an EdTech initiative that aims to provide equal learning opportunities in computer education, digital technology, life skills, language skills and personality development for school students in rural India.
The programme will start from the Maharana Pratap High School, Jangral, Dist. Patan in Gujarat. With intent to bridge the gap between the youth and the mainstream digital world, the CSR programme’s ambition is to empower students by equipping them with computer-based education. Sanvid (Sanskrit word depicting knowledge) is an initiative curated with the aim of developing an edtech programme which is deeply rooted in our education system and focuses on nurturing young talent. The program is designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels irrespective of the grade in which the students start. It will also be extended to teachers who wish to teach and learn the computer programs. On account of COVID-19 situation, the students will be given access to devices and internet services.
Sanvid will offer an educational framework with life skills essential for career such as spoken English, humanities, growth mindset, financial management and career counselling for personal growth at its core. Experts like technocrats, academicians and a project manager will be involved in training young minds to excel in information technology and prepare for a better future. Sanvid is a step towards building a community of learners and teachers solely with the purpose of sharing knowledge wherein anyone from parents to students can seek help for learning.
Raj Darji, Founder & CEO, Aarav Solutions and Founder Trustee of Sanvid, said, “We are making an active choice to be the catalyst of change to more than a million lives starting today. The Sanvid initiative is a much needed and cost-efficient step towards connecting young students in rural and semi-urban regions of India to the wide world of information technology and digital through customised computer education. I am happy to launch the same in my home state of Gujarat. This will also enable schools to become Smart Schools in the truest sense.”
He added, “When I started living in the USA, I witnessed a phenomenal difference in the kind of educational resources available to children in the US, as compared to our schools back in India. This prompted us to come up with a solution. With Sanvid, the students will be confident and capable enough to navigate computers and their applications. As we have celebrated the 72nd Republic Day recently, we would like to make a commitment of taking the Sanvid program to at least 72 rural schools across Gujarat in the next seven years.”

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