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CSR News: Nutrition programme for 35 ‘Pourakarmikas’ in Bengaluru

With the increasing cases of Coronavirus reported, most of us are compelled to stay indoors to ensure social distancing and safety and be less prone to contracting the dreaded virus. Pourakarmikas, unlike us, bear the task of keeping our city clean and remain exposed to the environment. It is of utmost importance for these social warriors to maintain physical wellbeing and undergo deworming once in six months to boost immunity.
For this purpose, A&A Foundation in association with Halasuru Residents Welfare Association (HRWA) has launched a Nutrition Programme for 35 ‘Pourakarmikas’ from Ward 90 near Kalyani Halasuru Lake in Bengaluru. With an aim to ensure their complete wellbeing, the Foundation under its CSR initiative “Vrddhi” is providing Enlightlife 365 Halerich 1 Enlightlife Superfood Metabolism and Immunity Booster Kit, free medical consultation and necessary blood tests thrice a year as part of the Nutrition Programme.
A&A Foundation plans to carry out similar activities to all the wards in Bengaluru through its Vrddhi CSR connect programme.
The event was graced by Mamatha Saravana, Corporator – Ward 90, Mr Mahendra Jain, President – HRWA, Mohankumar P K – Vice President – HRWA, Dr. Govardhan, PhD, Senior Food Scientist – Enlightlife and Dr. Navneet Motreja – Care on Call. Mahendra Jain – President of HRWA & Mohankumar P K – Vice President of HRWA who initiated this outreach healthcare support programme said, “On our 74th Independence Day, we are pleased to announce the launch of this nutritional program for our hardworking Pourakarmikas that offers an awareness programme, health check-ups and nutritional food supplements to ensure their holistic wellbeing. I am sure, through this CSR programme, we will be able to help them improve their overall health and be able to defend themselves from COVID-19 and other chronic lifestyle diseases.”
Speaking on the importance of maintaining a good personal hygiene, especially during waste management for the Pourakarmikas, Dr Govardhan, Ph.D, Senior Food Scientist – Enlightlife said, “One needs to realise that our daily basic habits like brushing, taking baths, washing our hands with soap before and after eating, and using toilets, etc. have a significant impact on our health. These simple yet basic habits, if followed religiously, can make a big difference to protect us from Covid-19, take care of our personal health and hygiene is vital to avoid infection.”
The event witnessed flagging off the Indian Tricolour Flag by the dignitaries and honouring five COVID warriors followed by a special training program on Hygiene and Waste management. Additionally, Vrddhi protein chocolates were distributed to all participants at the venue.

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