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A Feat Yes, But Miles To Go…


Today is the day when it all started… the day when The CSR Journal was launched in 2014. We are celebrating our second anniversary and you, our audience, have made it possible to keep us going. We couldn’t possibly have a celebration without you.

Today we would like to publish something rather different. An insight into how we work, who we are, where we live and where we come from. So get yourself a beverage, make yourself comfortable and set a few minutes aside. Till date, you’ve only seen articles getting published, and you dear reader take care of the rest  by promoting articles throughout your social channels and sharing it with colleagues. An article instigates new discussions on and beyond the CSR Journal, while other time it doesn’t quite manage to spark the conversation we had anticipated. In either case, we are absolutely confident that our published work is delivering value to you.

All published work is cleared by our editorial team, which never compromises on its strongly held values. No deadlines are set for the editors/ correspondents and they are not pushed to deliver the article on a particular date or time. The team takes time to do proper research along with quality control to ensure deliverables are within the values that we strive for. Being slow at times enables us to focus and tinker to work on the little details that make an article feel right.

Most of the team has lived and worked in Mumbai from the day our news portal went live. While a major part of our work requires being available online, a lot of planning, editing and design work is deliberately done offline in sketch books, with pencils, sticky notes and sometimes with large headphones on. We don’t have fix working hours or a swipe- in time. Our focus is to get things done correctly, either on the go, in the office or in a coffee shop.

Looking back at our team, we cannot help but wonder how vastly different people have ended up working together arm in arm. We usually do not get the opportunity to reflect like this in the fuss and business of our daily work. But when a birthday comes along it’s a good idea to pay a little closer attention to the birthday kid. We are all shaped up by countless moments, encounters and feelings so that each of us carries a suitcase full of experiences.

The last 12 months have flown by and we’ve published over a thousand articles; we’ve gone through a total of over two thousand drafts, many of which never made it to the final stage. Put in editing hours to make sure that every article feels as smashing as it should. But we are just getting warmed up. We have big plans and we are hungry to experiment. To make a difference and provide valuable work to each and everyone of you. Our commitment to deliver quality work is what brings us back to the office every single day. It is indeed what keeps us excited about the future of The CSR Journal.

Working with remarkable, talented, hardworking and friendly people has been a genuine privilege. Of course, The CSR Journal would not have been possible without the tremendous team of dedicated people, who are ready to work day and night to make sure that the portal remains strong and valuable. The reason why this website exists and this article is being published is because you, dear reader, keep coming back to and recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Having such audience, we are fully aware of our responsibilities and we will make sure to stay true to our values and principles in future.

More importantly, today is also your day because you have made it possible, and for that we are eternally grateful to each of you. A huge thank you, to you for being helpful, engaging and supportive and for staying with us all along. It means the world to us and here is to the next many years. Cheers everyone!!!


Amit Upadhyay is the Editor-in-Chief of The CSR Journal.