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77% Indians demand Stronger Actions against Climate Change: UNDP Report

Climate Change
The recent heatwave across north India has claimed lives of over 190 homeless people in New Delhi in 9 days, according to a report by a Delhi-based NGO.
Between June 11 and 19, a total of 192 homeless people died, a report by the Centre for Holistic Development said. This data was obtained from the Zonal Integrated Police Network, Ministry of Home Affairs and tabulated by Sunil Kumar Aledia of the CHD, a member of the National Forum for Homeless Housing Rights-NFHHR.
The India Meterological Department has forecast above-normal temperatures for this month as well. Delhi experienced its warmest night in over 50 years on Wednesday, with a minimum temperature of 35.2 degrees Celsius, according to data from the weather department.
While it has been the most devastating for people living on the streets. heatwave has affected every individual in some form or the other. It has caused several people to fall ill, caused a loss in productivity and thus, overall loss of income for both rich, and the poor. The effects of climate change has never been so stark for Indians as they are now. This has resulted in a call for action by the population of the country.

Call for Action from India and the World

According a new survey, 77 per cent of Indians are demanding stronger actions against climate change. 33 per cent of Indians claimed that they have recently experience extreme weather events caused because of climate change.
The Peoples’ Climate Vote 2024 survey was conducted by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the University of Oxford and GeoPoll. The survey collected responses from over 75,000 people across 77 countries, representing 87 per cent of the global population.
The survey reveals robust support for stronger climate measures among the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters.
Majorities in these countries favour increased climate action, including 66 per cent in the US and Russia, 67 per cent in Germany, 73 per cent in China, 77 per cent in South Africa and India, 85 per cent in Brazil, 88 per cent in Iran, and up to 93 per cent in Italy.
The survey has shown that climate anxiety among people is widespread. About 56 per cent people claimed that they are thinking about and are overwhelmed by climate change regularly. These concerns are higher among people from the least developed countries (LDCs), and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
Cassie Flynn, Global Director of Climate Change, UNDP, said, “As world leaders decide on the next round of pledges under the Paris Agreement by 2025, these results are undeniable evidence that people everywhere support bold climate action.”
“The next two years stand as one of the best chances we have as the international community to ensure that warming stays under 1.5 degrees Celsius. We stand ready to support policymakers in stepping up their efforts as they develop their climate action plans through our Climate Promise initiative,” she said.
As we gear up for another round of negotiations with regards to climate change during COP29, the policymakers need to take into account the pressures and anxieties of the people as they work towards fighting against the devastating effects of climate change.