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4 CSR platforms making things simpler for non-profits

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Startups are emerging as a force of change in the country. While we talk about Edtech, Auto and Fintech startups bringing a change, CSR platforms/ startups are not behind. CSR platforms are using their offerings and products to solve real-world problems by acting as catalysts for individuals and NGOs to create an impact.
These startups step in to protect the interests of the community by helping the NGOs and individuals to connect on the right platform. With more individuals connecting to the right non-profit organisations, platforms are bringing transformation in a society which has helped the startups to undergo significant change.
Also, these platforms are using advanced technology to address issues and to create CSR initiatives and campaigns on critical areas such as education, sanitation, healthcare, water sustainability.

1. SociallyGood

SociallyGood is an online marketplace for social work. It is an online engagement platform bringing together the main stakeholders of the Social Sector including Non-Profits, CSRs and Individuals. SociallyGood is a technology-enabled platform that makes it easier for individuals (volunteers, donors, beneficiaries and social entrepreneurs) to discover and engage with social causes of their interest. The brand empowers Non-Profits to drive campaigns to attract new volunteers, and gain more donations at lower cost. It also enables non-profits to showcase last mile impact of the various programs undertaken by them and improve transparency and reporting of outcomes.

2. Impact Guru

Impact Guru is a medical crowdfunding platform that provides solutions to empower individuals and NGOs to raise funds for medical emergencies along with creative projects and social causes. It assists, collaborates, innovates and supports anyone who desires to use the concept of crowdfunding for a good cause. Impact Guru offers optimal online tools to drive the ‘crowd’ towards great ideas and projects.

3. Milaap

Milaap is a crowdfunding website that enables individuals and corporates from across the country to raise funds for healthcare, education, disaster relief, sports and various other causes. Milaap is leveraging the increasing digital penetration and the robust traction of digital payments to address the challenges of giving, such as difficulty in discovering the right cause, transparency and a general donor apathy.

4. Impactify

Impactify is a for-profit social venture, which leverages advanced technologies to connect NGOs with corporates and sponsors. For corporates, Impactify helps in channelizing their funds towards credible projects that align with their objectives while ensuring transparency of project timelines, budget estimates, and the projected impact.

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