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Girl Rising Game_Play Now

CSR: A Game Perpetuating Gender Equality

Mobile phones are an integral part of our life today. According to a study by mobileinsurance.com, an average person spends about 90 minutes every...
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in India

CSR: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs In India

Gender equality is still a dream for future in our country. Many powerful women have managed to rise in the patriarchal society we live...
Training Women in Paramedic skills

CSR: Empowering Women With Paramedic Skills

According to Union Ministry of Health and Welfare Data, Healthcare sector in India is facing acute shortage of trained professionals. There has been a...
Empowering the girl child

CSR: Empowering The Girl Child

It is important in today’s world for everyone to be independent and self reliant. With changing times, India is leaving its patriarchal society back...

आजादी के ७० वर्षो में भारत में महिलाएँ कितनी आजाद हुई है?

आए दिन अखबारों के पन्ने काली स्याही से भरे होते हैं, स्याही समाचारों से।कभी निर्भया की दिल दहलाने वाली दास्तान तो कभी किसी मासूम...

Support And Applaud Her Long Overdue Equality

Sexual Harassment has emerged as the biggest equality issue facing women globally and in India, next in line are other distressing issues of sexual violence,...

#NoConditionsApply: A Campaign Addressing Gender Inequality

When we speak of womanhood, what comes to mind is a single state of being; as if it were an undifferentiated gender. However, through...

Support Young Women For Menstrual Hygiene

IDF’s Project Hygiene 12 addresses how to tackle the problem of menstrual hygiene management in girls in India

Alandi To Pandharpur: A Journey Towards Awareness

Since last year, Facebook Dindi started carrying out social awareness campaigns about pressing issues, to initiate discussions through their strong social media presence. This year’s theme is women empowerment.

Very Few Corporate Houses Are Doing A Good Job: Vandana Luthra, Founder & Vice Chairman, VLCC

Empowerment for the girl child and women comes with education. This in turn creates employability and job skilling. Whatever work one does has to...

HEARDS hears Children Issues, Attempts 360 Degree Solution For Child Labour

The Indian government introduced the Right to Education in 2009 and a lot is being done to ensure education but many foreseen and unforeseen...

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