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human trafficking

CSR: Hospitality Industry Fighting Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a hidden crime, where a person is acquired in an improper method by force, threat or deception. UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has defined human trafficking as, “Trafficking in persons shall mean the recruitment, trans­portation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of...
Artwork by Jasjyot Singh Hans

CSR: Join the Body Positivity movement

To anybody who has ever denied the beauty of a full-bodied woman, artist Jasjyot Singh Hans’ work will have you eat all your words and your preconceived notions about beauty standards. It was immediately after finishing his course in Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, that animator and illustrator Jasjyot...
environment sustainability and women empowerment

CSR: Empowering Women for Environmental Sustainability

Gender bias is ingrained globally in the cultures, economies, political and social institutions. Women are subject to prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and abuse, causing them to not meet their potential in the process of decision making in society. This inequality raises a lot of moral questions. However, it also pushes the goal of achieving environmental...
Rise Up

Rise Up – New Rap Anthem on National Day of the Girl Child

Bharosa khudpe kar Lagega chota darr Jitni bhi zimmedari chaiye lele khudke sirr Naye daur ki suno yeh baat nayi Ladki ke haath kamiyabi tab aayegi Jab ladki haath se nikal jaayegi ... Raps Dee MC (of No More Limits fame) as Dance Plus star Simi Talsania moves to the beat of Rise Up. The empowering end lyrics...
food waste and the environment

How food waste in India damages the environment

Food loss and waste (FLW) is an enormous economic cost to businesses and society. It also has a significant environmental impact. FLW represents almost 60% of the food industry’s environmental footprint. Much of this waste and its environmental footprint is entirely avoidable. Food that ends up in landfill creates methane gas which is 25...

CSR: Wildlife Conservation Efforts by Amazon India

Animal cruelty is a neglected topic in the world. Every human being has caused harm to animals directly or indirectly. If not for food, then for fashion, cosmetics or medicines, we have used products that have been prepared by killing, harming or testing on the animals. During such hard times for wildlife, Amazon India...
Bringing nonprofits together

Bringing NGOs together

Having guided companies like SOTC Travel Limited and later Kuoni Travel Group through exceptional growth as CEO, Ranjit Malkani is now putting his business acumen into play in the world of philanthropy. Along with his wife, Anjal, he is setting up his own philanthropic foundation, which he views as a different kind of entrepreneurial...
NASSCOM CSR conference

NASSCOM Foundation hosts The CSR Leadership Conference in Mumbai

According to a report by Accenture, 95% of the workforce believes that it needs new skills to remain relevant. Addressing the critical question of how CSR could help in re-skilling the workforce, a conference by NASSCOM Foundation called for an innovative approach, aided with intelligent technologies, to help people develop future-ready skills. The CSR...
stubble burning

CSR: Eco-Friendly Alternative to Stubble Burning

Stubble burning is a norm among farmers in northern India. The practice includes intentional burning of the straw stubble remains of the crop after it is harvested. However, this activity was causing extreme pollution in the environment. In fact, in October 2018, stubble burning in Punjab was responsible for 32% of the pollution in...
Veer Agrawal

High-schooler does crowdfunding for 300 amputees to walk again

Veer Agrawal, a 9th grade student from American School of Bombay was all smiles on the successful completion of the four day ‘Jaipur Foot’ camp for which he had raised funds to the tune of INR 14 lakhs. The funds raised enabled the ‘Jaipur Foot’ camp held at Risod in Washim district of Maharashtra...
implementing agencies

How to identify CSR implementation agencies

More structured CSR budgets have been put in place now, and many organisations are seeking the support of “external implementing agencies”. Companies in India appear spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing implementation partners for their mandated CSR activities. The ratio of NGOs to people currently outnumbers the ratio of policemen to citizens! However...
Digital Agriculture in India

CSR: 7 Agriculture Apps to Support Digital Farming

India is going digital in every sector at a remarkable speed. The launch of ‘Digital India’ by the government has ensured that the process is accelerated. Considering the fact that the livelihoods of 58% of rural households still rely on agriculture, it was only a matter of time before agriculture too became digital. In 2015,...

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