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MNCs participating in CSR India

Non-Indian Brands That Contribute Heavily Towards CSR In India

India is a country with second largest population. It has most number of young population in the world. This has attracted several international companies to enter the Indian market for business purposes. Over time, these multinational companies have made a home in the country by investing huge capitals to build their headquarters in India,...
road safety through street art

CSR: Ensuring Road Safety Through Street Art

Every year, pothole-related deaths make it to the headlines especially during the monsoon season, causing inconvenience but also taking lives. Media reports state potholes took a deadly toll in 2017, claiming almost 10 lives daily with annual fatalities in the country adding up to 3,597 — this figure is 50% more than what was...
Samsung Bixby technology for MND/ALS

CSR: Voices Living Forever

Even today, there are a few diseases that have no cure. One such disease is the Motor Neuron Disease (MND)/ALS. It slowly robs patients of their ability to speak and move. Motor Neuron Disease is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurons) that control muscles undergo degeneration...
Adopt children with special needs

CSR: Make Adoption ‘Special’

More single women are adopting than ever before yet our follow-up on adoption trends found a gap in foster parents for children with special needs. Adoptive parents have a preconceived idea of a ‘perfect child’ they want to bring home – usually male, of a light wheatish to fair complexion and having a specific...
Indian brands

CSR: Indian Brands That Are Thought To Be Foreign

Make in India has taken the population of India with a bang. There is a huge uproar in the country about using local products. People are giving up on using the brands that they been loyal to for years, just to participate in ‘Make in India’ movement. In all this, several indian brands are...
Gauri Sawant

CSR: Transgender Activist Garners Support

Now that the celebrations over the scrapping of Section 377 are quieting down, the real work can begin. The LGBTQ community has a long fight ahead for full equality and acceptance in society. Activists believe it’s the start of a new era for the nation’s LGBTQ community. Take the case of Gauri Sawant. Gauri is...

CSR: Brands That Are Not Made In India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Make in India’ movement on 25 September 2014. The goal was to encourage the corporate houses to set up production in India and for the citizens to use the products that are made in India. The movement has paid off with improving the state of economic affairs significantly. With...

CSR: Alcohol And Its Health Effects

Consumption of alcohol is becoming more popular with the youth. An activity that was associated with the negative sentiment of being destructive is now associated with celebration. Getting drunk and partying hard is a habit with the protagonists of many Bollywood films. Various bloggers and publications have published articles about the "health benefits" of alcohol....
safe drinking water

CSR: Providing Safe Drinking Water

In India, nearly 17% of the urban population (65 million people) live in slums and more than 50% of the 14 million urban poor families lack access to safe piped water supply. This gap in supply is often met by Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) through provision of community-level standpipes or tankers. However, the quality...
Manto, the male feminist

CSR: Manto Was A Male Feminist

Upcoming Nawazuddin-Nandita Das film Manto is a long due biopic of the man who is arguably the first secular feminist rockstar India has produced. Saadat Hasan Manto is celebrated as the master story teller of the century. His stories are based on the theme of Partition and the repercussions people had to suffer due...
gender bias in heart surgery

CSR: Gender Bias In Heart Surgery

According to a report released by UNICEF in 2018, “More baby girls than boys die in India, as parents neglect healthcare”. The report also stated that “a preference for sons encourages sex-selective abortions, which has led to skewed sex ratios. According to the data collected by UNICEF in 2017, nearly 60% of the infants...

CSR: Student Suicides in India

According to latest data submitted to the ministry of home affairs by all the gates and union territories of India, over 26,000 students committed suicide in three years from 2014. There were 9474 student suicide cases reported in 2016, which accounts to almost one suicide every hour. The situation is alarming because there are no...

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