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ASER 2021

Impact of Pandemic on Learning: Annual Status of Education Report 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the education in India gravely. With country-wide lockdowns in place, the schools were forced to remain closed. The learning of children got negatively affected, even as the digital classes resumed after few weeks. This has been confirmed by the recently released Annual Status of Education Report 2021. Annual Status of Education...
make a splash

World Toilet Day 2021 – UNICEF will ‘Make a Splash’ with an expansion of CSR partnership

On World Toilet Day today, UNICEF announced the expansion of the ‘Make a Splash!’ partnership with LIXIL. The expansion will reach children and families living in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria – three of the most populous countries – with access to safe, clean toilets and hygiene solutions. What is Make a Splash? Launched in 2018, the...
workplace diversity

Ironically, disruptions during Covid-19 had a positive impact on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion

In the last few years, company leaders were beginning to look closer in the mirror, digging deeper into metrics around hiring, pay, promotions and bonuses to surface gender and other bias within the workforce. Almost simultaneously, COVID-19 hit, disrupting every aspect of business worldwide and adding another complex layer to companies’ D&I efforts. Now,...
Gender Equality

International Men’s Day 2021: Gender Equality is the Goal. Not Female Dominance.

When we think of gender equality, we immediately start to think of protecting and promoting women’s rights. This immediate thought in itself reflects the inequality of gender in our thoughts and beliefs. Women have historically suffered from subordination of men. They have been restricted to lead their lives on their own terms. The women today...
Toshihiro Mibe Honda CEO

Global Sustainability Report: Honda is Working to Ensure the Joys for the Next Generation

Honda Motors Limited is a Japanese conglomerate with 415 group companies in and outside of Japan. Since its founding in 1948, Honda has continuously worked to provide value to help people and create a better society through our technologies, ideas and designs. 1. Message from the President and CEO on Sustainability at Honda Toshihiro Mibe, Director,...
Covid sheroes

Citizen Social Responsibility: Meet the 6 Covid Sheroes of social media

History has shown us that the journey of overcoming crises has been made possible by community efforts where people from all walks of life came together and supported each other through turbulent times. However, Covid-19 forced most of us to retreat indoors in a bid to keep ourselves safe. But keeping the spirit of...
Teen brothers Nav and Vihaan from Delhi have made India proud by winning the International Children's Peace Prize 2021

Gen Z Delhi boys win International Children’s Peace Prize 2021

Fourteen-year-old Nav and seventeen-year-old Vihaan Agarwal are two teen brothers from Delhi who are making the country proud because of their responsible citizenry. They’ve just won the prestigious 17th International Children’s Peace Prize, for their courage and commitment to tackling pollution in their city. Vihaan and Nav are trying to reduce the causes of...
rural children

Children’s Day 2021 – Top CSR Projects for Rural Children

As many as 64% of the children in rural India fear they might have to drop out of school if not provided with additional support to cope with the learning gaps in their curriculum, according to a survey published by Delhi-based NGO ChildFund India. Children from rural areas, scheduled castes and tribal communities suffer...
water recycling plant

Why investing in water security is a win-win for Indian companies

Five of the world’s largest cities under water stress are in India, with Delhi ranked second on the list. The water crisis is more alarming than imagined – 600 million people in India face high-to-extreme water stress. Since improvements in water security are essential for India’s development, investing in water merits a sound business...
world science day

2021 World Science Day for Peace and Development

Celebrated every 10 November, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the significant role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives. By linking science more closely with society, World Science...
Kerala PAI 2021

Kerala tops sustainability pillar in 2021 Public Affairs Index

The southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have again claimed the top spots for sustainability in the latest Public Affairs Index (PAI 2021). They were also the top performers when it came to government schemes like National Health Mission, MNREGS and Samagra Shikha Abhiyan. PAI is a scientifically rigorous, data-based framework released by the...
Miracle Project

14-Year-Old Aradhitta Goenka Sells Nutritious Baked Goods to Support the Disadvantaged

It is a collective desire of Indians across the globe to see us as a developed nation. It takes a collective effort from every individual to achieve it. The youth of today is a generation of highly aware individuals who are willing to take up the responsibility to work towards various causes at a young...

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