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Equal Opportunities For Rural Women Can Bring Real Upliftment: Siddharth Desai, Vice President, Hindustan Electric Motors

Believing in the strengths and capabilities of Indian women, Siddharth Desai from Hindustan Electric Motors is certain that if rural women are given equal opportunities, they will move far ahead of men. Talking to The CSR Journal, Desai expresses his views on usage of CSR funds for women empowerment and education. Thank you for watching the...

We need to drought proof our economy: G Chandrashekhar, Economic Advisor, IMC

The number of underprivileged is huge in number. Chandrashekhar believes that to witness inclusive growth in our country, the underprivileged population must have access to basic food security, healthcare and education in a time bound manner. Being an economist he explains how CSR funds can help the daunting challenges of our country. Thank you for...

CSR Is About Intent And Spirit To Do Good: Anant Singhania, CEO, JK Enterprises

Post the announcement of Union Budget 2017-18, Anant Singhania, CEO, JK Enterprises spoke to The CSR Journal about the provisions of budget and his views on CSR. He opines that CSR is more about the intent and spirit to do good than anything else; merely ticking the checklist is not enough. Thank you for watching the...

Women Empowerment Is The Index Of A Country’s Progress: Suresh Kotak, Chairman, Kotak & Co.

Talking to The CSR Journal, Suresh Kotak, Chairman, Kotak & Co. Expressed his views on the Union Budget 2017-18. He found the budget to be positive. He believes that direct and indirect responsibilities put on corporate firms will generate reformist ambience for various social measures. He spoke about the vitality of women empowerment in...

Inclination And Expenditure In CSR Is Increasing With Time: Dr Lalit Kanodia, Chairman, Datamatics

Post the Union Budget 2017-18, Dr Lalit Kanodia, Chairman, Datamatics spoke to The CSR Journal about his reactions to the budget and also his views on the practice of CSR in India. He finds a lot of good change in the sports sector in India. He believes that awareness and expenditure in the CSR...

Rs 3,600 Crore For Shivaji Memorial Isn’t A Big Amount For Maharashtra Govt, Nawab Malik, National Spokesperson, NCP

Rs 3,600 Crore For Shivaji Memorial Isn't A Big Amount For Maharashtra Govt: Nawab Malik, NCP Supporting the announcement made by the BJP-led state government, Nawab Malik, National Spokesperson, NCP believes that Maharashtra can certainly afford the Shivaji Memorial. While Fadnavis government asked corporate firms to use CSR funds for transformation of 1000 villages, the...

Accountability Standards Should Be Set To Monitor CSR Expenditure: Abu Azmi, Samajwadi Party

Talking to The CSR Journal, Abu Azmi, veteran leader of Samajwadi Party in Mumbai expresses his views on Shivaji Memorial slated to be built in the state at an extravagant cost. Azmi believes that CSR expenditure should be monitored to ensure its maximum utilisation. Thank you for watching the interview until the very end. We appreciate the...

I Believe The Memorial (Of 3600cr) Will Make The Country Proud: Ashish Shelar, President, Mumbai Unit, BJP

Ashish Shelar, President, Mumbai Unit, BJP speaks briefly with The CSR Journal about the present working situations between the state government and corporates. Recently, the state of Maharashtra announced Rs 3600 crores to build a Shivaji Memorial, Shelar believes that it will aid in job creation and it is still justified to ask corporates...

Adequate Money Doesn’t Reach The Beneficiaries: Kripashankar Singh, Veteran, Indian National Congress, Mumbai

Kripashankar Singh is an Indian politician with the Indian National Congress party. He was a minister of state in the 2004 Maharashtra state cabinet. While In Conversation with The CSR Journal, he emphasizes on how important it is for the funds to reach the beneficiaries. It is good that big corporate houses have come...

CSR Can’t Be A Separate Hat To Wear In A Business: Princess Laurentien of Netherlands, Founder & Member of the Board, Missing Chapter Foundation

Hailing from the royal family of Netherlands, Princess Laurentien works on several social and environmental issues focusing on sustainability, literacy and children’s participation. She is the founder of Missing Chapter Foundation (MCF), an organisation which has been functioning to ponder and work on curious questions and suggestions posed by children and teenagers on serious...

India Is Growing GDP Of The Rich, I Want India To Grow GDP Of Poor: Pavan Sukhdev, Founder-CEO, GIST

Pavan Sukhdev is Founder-CEO of GIST Advisory, a consulting firm which helps governments and corporations discover, measure, value, and manage their impacts on natural and human capital. He recently won the internationally acclaimed Blue Planet Prize, 2016. It is a recognition for individuals and organisations that make outstanding achievements in scientific research and its...

Focusing Only On GDP Won’t Lead To Sustained Growth: Tetsuro Yasuda, Secretary General, The Asahi Glass Foundation

The Asahi Glass Foundation was set up in celebration of the twenty-fifth year of operation of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd (AGC) a Japanese global glass manufacturing company. Established in 1933, the foundation focuses on research grants and recognition of efforts for environmental sustainability. Blue Planet Prize, an annual award constituted by the Asahi Glass...

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