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Wockhardt Foundation’s ‘Mobile 1000’ programme meets another milestone

Mobile 1000 - 200th van launched
Mobile 1000, a social initiative programme by Wockhardt Foundation achieves its next milestone by launching the 200th medical van. The mobile 1000 vans aim at providing professional healthcare delivery to the rural most areas in the country. The launch of the 200th van is significant as it further strengthens the reach of the programme.
The 200th mobile medical van was launched in the state of Karnataka with the contribution from Kotak Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Health vans are instrumental in bridging the gap in the delivery of health services for patients who have limited access to these facilities. The Wockhardt Foundation mobile medical vans are already serving patients in rural areas across Maharashtra, Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, etc.
Launched in 2007, Wockhardt Foundation’s ISO 9001:2015 approved the programme has been successful in administering free primary healthcare services to people from more than 4072 villages across 20 states of India. Each van services on an average of 20 villages in a week. Each van services close to 25,000 people per year and till now close to 23.27 million people have been treated or directly benefitted through these services.
Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO and Trustee of Wockhardt Foundation was elated with the 200th launch and said, “With the objective of providing quality healthcare services to the masses, we have reached a milestone of 200 medical vans. I am really grateful to all the partners for their immense contribution to this initiative and making this basic facility accessible to the rural population.”
The programme is aimed towards creating awareness in rural areas about the basic health requirements in terms of sanitation, hygiene, safe drinking water, anaemia, mother and child healthcare, HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc. The vans travel across various villages to provide health screening and free basic health services.