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What are the Azerbaijan visa requirements for Indian Citizens?

Azerbaijan is attracting more and more tourists from all around the world. The number of Indian tourists travelling to Azerbaijan have also dramatically increased during the past years. It’s not a surprise as there are lots of interesting things to explore in Azerbaijan.
Applying for an Azerbaijan e-Visa as an Indian citizen has never been easier! The entire process is done online which means you can apply from anywhere and anytime of the day. All you have to do is submit your documents online and successfully pay a fee.
Prior to applying for the Azerbaijan e-Visa, it is highly recommended to have all the basic documents ready.  All you need is your passport and legal documents. All your documents and passport should be valid at least three months after the e-Visa expires.

For your convenience, the Azerbaijan visa requirements are listed below.


1) A digital copy of your passport and the biographical page
2) Digital means of payment – Credit / Debit
3) A valid location where you intend to stay in Azerbaijan
4) The email address where you want to get your e-Visa

Urgent and Standard Visa – which one do you need?

1) Urgent Visa – this visa can be obtained within three hours.
2) Standard Visa – this visa process happens within regular time, which is three days.
It is advised to apply at least three business days before you intend to arrive in the country. You will need to provide information like your medicals and the intended date that you will be arriving in Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan e-Visas are valid for 90 days whether it is an urgent visa or a standard visa. The maximum duration you are allowed to be in the country is 30 days. After 30 days you will have to exit the country.
At the time of applying for the e-Visa you will need to state the intent of your visit, this is categorized into two sections-tourist and business visas. If you intend to just go for a holiday, will need a tourist visa.
Those who intend to visit for commercial purposes like business meetings, trade, sports, and so on, will require a business visa. Business visas require you to give additional information when submitting your application.
To make this process easy, a single person can apply for multiple people. This is useful for bulk applications, especially for business people or last tourist groups.