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We Need To Connect The Dots Amongst Various Initiatives: Dhimant Bhayani, Founder & CEO, iRevo


There is a huge shift in consumer behaviour where applications are being used increasingly, as there is an App for everything these days. Apps when used on small screen devices, lack a PC or big screen TV experience. The iRevo Smart PC device connects to a TV screen to make any TV a PC, with the inclusion of an easy to use wireless keyboard and mouse. Of course, one can connect a traditional PC monitor too.

The iRevo Smart PC runs Android Apps, web browser, e-mail apps, social media, YouTube, games and most importantly it runs MS Office application from Google Play store at no extra cost to consumer. Enormous amount of educational content is available for all ages via Apps and websites like Wikipedia and Khan Academy at a street price of about Rs. 6,000.

With the iRevo cloud, the Smart PC makes for a unique product for delivering high quality educational material to masses. This is where iRevo sees a synergy with wp and Digital India programs with a mission to deliver education, computer literacy and e-governance.

“I would like to invite wp Heads of corporations that are interested in education and computer literacy or to support the PM’s Digital India initiative to contact me to understand more about iRevo SmartPC and the impact it could have on the Indian society”, added Mr. Bhayani. iRevo SmartPC has been successfully deployed by Wockhardt foundation at several schools for educational purpose.

He has offered to donate a iRevo SmartPC to those wp heads that are interested in evaluating the suitability of the product for their wp initiative. This free unit offer is limited to first 5 requests. Please send an e-mail to Mr. Bhayani at dbhayani@irevomm.com