Home Press Release Volvo Group sets up RO water plant at Robertsonpet, KGF

Volvo Group sets up RO water plant at Robertsonpet, KGF


Kolar district, Karnataka: Due to high levels of Fluoride and TDS in Borewell water in the KGF town, the water is not ideal for consumption. In order to provide access to safe and clean drinking water, Volvo Group has set up an RO water plant at Robertsonpet, KGF in Kolar District, as part of its CSR outreach to the community.

Kamal Bali, President & MD, Volvo Group India inaugurated the Water Plant along with Roopa Shashidhar, MLA, KGF. Also present at the inauguration ceremony were Naveen Chandra, City Municipal Commissioner, Vallal V Muniswamy, City Municipal President along with senior officers of Volvo Group, including G V Rao -CSR Director, Mr S Gangadhar -Volvo Truck Plant Head and B Indushekar- Director, Real Estate.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Bali commented, “We are delighted and pleased to install the 20th Safe Water drinking water plant in the state of Karnataka. We believe that hygiene, sanitation and clean drinking water are essential for good health and the building blocks for the progress of communities. In fact, clean drinking water is crucial in community health, and its contamination has major consequences by way of water-borne diseases, more so for the young and female population. It is my earnest hope and wish that the plant inaugurated today will not only provide easily accessible clean drinking water, but will be a step in supporting the community towards progress into the future.”

A recent feasibility study revealed that the water bodies in the area are contaminated with high levels of fluoride and TDS, potentially causing water-borne diseases. To ensure that the residents receive sufficient quantity of clean water, the Volvo Group India, headquartered in Bengaluru took the initiative to set up a clean drinking water plant that provides 6,000 liters per day. This plant will cater to the needs of over 3,000 people daily and other residents in the nearby locality.

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