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Vedanta subsidiary TSPL wins Greentech CSR Award for sustainable agriculture in Punjab

Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vedanta Limited and the largest thermal power plant in Punjab, won the Greentech CSR award for outstanding achievement in the promotion of sustainable agriculture, at an online award ceremony.

TSPL’s CSR project ‘Navi Disha’, benefits over 1100 farmers from 26 villages in the company’s periphery, helping them reduce input costs, adopt advanced agricultural practices and improve production from their agricultural lands.

Punjab is an agrarian economy, with a major share of agriculture and allied activities in the country. Over the years this agrarian economy has evolved from subsistence farming to commercial farming. Under Navi Disha project, TSPL has organized several trainings and workshops on modern agricultural practices, integrated pest management and optimized use of chemical fertilizers for the farmers of Mansa & Bathinda District, resulting in increased saving on inputs costs of Rabi crops by 12% and on Kharif crops by 52%.
Vikas Sharma, CEO and WTD of TSPL said, “TSPL is on a mission to transform the rural agrarian economy of Punjab’s Mansa & Bathinda District through structured interventions in sustainable farming. The Greentech CSR award is a testimony to the endeavors of all the farmers who have put to practice the knowledge and skills gained during the training sessions organized by us. In line with our CSR commitment to give back to the community, we shall continue to support Punjab’s farmers in all possible ways, helping them increase their produce and profitability.”
Expressing his gratitude to TSPL for the project, Mandeep Singh, a farmer from Gharangna village said, “Navi Disha project has helped me save close to Rs. 45,000 by significantly reducing the amount of chemical sprays I used on my field earlier. The project team also encouraged me to develop a vegetable nursery, which is fetching me an additional income of Rs 1.5 lakhs today. I am thankful to TSPL for this wonderful initiative. These interventions have helped the farming community here immensely.”
TSPL has been running Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in Mansa & Bathinda District of Punjab and has undertaken several social development projects around the plant site.
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