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VAHDAM Teas gets Coveted Carbon Neutral Certification

VAHDAM Teas and Superfoods has been recently certified as a Carbon Neutral Brand by CLIMATE NEUTRAL, a reputed international Not-for-Profit based in the United States. This is Vahdam’s contribution to environmental conservation and has enhanced its credibility as a company which not only cares about the well being of the Tea Farmers but is also aware of its responsibilities towards the environment.
Climate change is a grave concern that the planet is facing today. With increasing amounts of carbon emissions, the earth’s atmosphere is trapping more heat, which has devastating outcomes. Becoming Climate Neutral (or Carbon Neutral) is to strike a balance between our emissions and how much of it is being absorbed back from the earth’s atmosphere. A certified Climate Neutral brand helps in balancing its carbon footprint by offsetting it through investments in various pro-environment initiatives like renewable energy, reforestation etc.
The Steps which Vahdam has taken to become a Carbon Neutral Brand are as follows:
1. By partnering with a Non-Profit organization like Climate Neutral, we first map & measure our carbon footprint, starting from the farms to the consumer’s table, globally. We then purchase Carbon Credits equivalent to our carbon footprint and these credits are invested into quantifiable climate change solutions, like energy efficiency, reforestation, waste disposal etc. This is called ‘Carbon Offsetting’
2. By investing in pro-environment solutions like these, we balance our carbon footprint, while striving to come up with ways to reduce our overall footprint, without compromising on our product’s quality & safety.

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