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Helping Hands For Animals conducts vaccination of indie dogs in Ghaziabad

Helping Hands For Animals, a Ghaziabad-based Animal welfare NGO, has successfully conducted vaccination campaigns for street dogs. The campaign aims to keep the rabies outbreaks under control, and make the region secure for people and animals, both. The vaccination drive is in line with the larger objective of the NGO, to eradicate rabies bites and rabies infection in animals.
The campaign began by distinguishing between two forms of rabies: furious and paralytic. Furious rabies causes the animal to become restless, then very excited, snapping at anything within reach, whereas paralytic rabies causes the animal to be relatively quiet and ignorant of its surroundings.
Vaccination drive
Vaccination drive
“We try to keep the ‘Ray’ of Hope (of help, love & care) alive in the eyes of these innocent voiceless creations. We have saved, treated and rehabilitated hundreds of injured animals over the years. It is an initiative to provide help to those who cannot ask for help themselves. This is also expected to bridge the gap between canines and people in the society,” said Jaishree, Founder, Helping Hands For Animals.
The drive took place in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, and vaccinated over 90 canines with the aid of 12-15 volunteers, and plans to continue the mission.
Animal care NGO Helping Hands For Animals is situated in Ghaziabad, and also works on problems of awareness. Animal Rights Activists make up the majority of their staff. For the past few years, Their mission is to contribute to society via animal welfare. By assisting street animals in finding loving homes, they hope to offer animals a second opportunity and enhance their lives.

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