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#UnMuteTheAbuse says Maharashtra State Commission for Women

As we move a few inches closer to the new normal, life still remains difficult for the victims of domestic abuse. With an intent to raise awareness about domestic abuse, Maharashtra State Commission for Women in association with Makani Creatives launched a public-interest campaign, #UNMUTETHEABUSE.
The agenda of the campaign is to get people to accept that domestic abuse is a long-standing problem that has seen an increase during the lockdown in India. The idea behind the campaign is to get people to raise their voice against any kind of domestic abuse. Often neighbours, relatives are afraid to alarm the authorities considering that any argument within the family is family’s personal business, however this needs to change as people need to rise over the hesitation and make it a practice to call out any violence.
All social evils were accepted by society until there was a revolution against it. Sati, dowry, female infanticides are some examples. They have either been eradicated or reduced considerably as laws have been passed and mindset has evolved due to awareness raised. This campaign hopes to ignite a revolution against domestic violence and make it socially acceptable to alarm authorities in case one is aware of a victim.
While there is no handbook that one can follow to intervene and draw the line on domestic abuse; people need to understand that women who are dependent on their abusers are afraid to raise their voice. It is only when they get support; they muster the courage to fight against it. #UnMuteTheAbuse is a way to encourage women to reach out to Maharashtra State Commission for Women; which will provide compassionate and comprehensive services to those impacted by domestic violence.
Aastha Luthra, Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Commission for Women, said, “It is said that ‘Women make the house a Home.’ It is sad that at times these homes that are supposed to be a safe haven, become the very place where these women are wronged and treated inhumanly. This lockdown has presented several cases of physical and mental abuse where women are forced to stay in their homes with their oppressors. With this initiative, we aim to encourage people not only to raise their voice against domestic abuse but also spread the message and help us in helping the victims get justice and a better life.”
#UnMuteTheAbuse campaign creative has had netizens talking due to its hard-hitting impact without any violent or triggering imagery.