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Top CSR Projects in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its beautiful palaces, unique culture and topography, and cuisine. Economically, it is an important state in the country as it houses 90 per cent of the country’s total mineral reserves. Economic opportunity and poverty go hand in hand in the state of Rajasthan making it an attractive destination for CSR. Let us look at top CSR projects in Rajasthan.

Top CSR Projects in Rajasthan

Project Pani by Swaraj Tractors

Ajmer & Nagaur districts were marred by dual problems of declining groundwater levels, along with high salinity and fluoride levels. Having identified the issue, Swaraj Tractors, a part of the Mahindra Group and its NGO partner Sarv Mangal Gramin Vikas Sansthan launched Project Pani in 2020 and engaged over 200 women from different villages to repair traditional water bodies.
These women were involved in the deepening of three ponds in their villages and the repair of a 7000 meters long bund. 12 iron gates for irrigation channels were installed and nine ponds were desilted to serve domestic livestock, to help them generate additional sources of income through pisciculture.
The project has been successful in reaching out to over 4000 villagers of over 700 households in Ajmer to conserve over 14 lakh kiloliters of water per year. Since its inception, the project has undertaken restoration and renovation of old rainwater harvesting structures. As a result of it, the irrigation potential of Ajmer has increased by over 300 hectares and has also helped three villages in the district while recharging 75 old wells during the year.
The project has also enabled the conservation of 12 lakh litres of drinking water every year benefiting 3000 school students of Nagaur district through rainwater harvesting. Roof Rainwater tanks have also been built and installed under this project in 12 government-run district schools.

Water Economic Zones by DS Group

DS Group launched the Water Economic Zones Project on World Water Day in 2018. It is an integrated watershed development project to enhance natural resources, particularly water and soil and thereby, increase the productivity of the land.
The project is currently being implemented in an area of 2,607 Hectares (1,315 Hectares in Alsigarh and 1,292 Hectares in Kurabad) in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The chosen project area has low productivity rain-fed farming, severe soil erosion in the undulating topography and degradation of land and forest. The project works towards improving the quality of life of the tribal and rural community by developing possible water resources. These subsequently impact livelihood enhancement through value addition in on-farm and off-farm activities.
The company has partnered with two local NGOs for Alsigarh and Kurabad Watershed areas respectively to implement the project. It will reach out to more than 23000 people from 26 villages, mostly from a tribal background and will cover an area of around 11000 hectares across both locations in Udaipur.
So far, under the project, multiple soil and water conservation structures have been constructed. These include 28 Anicuts or Check Dams, 58 Mini Percolation Tanks or Earthen Dams and other structures like Continuous Contour Trenches, Gabion, Gully Plugs, Recharge Pits, etc. Further, 14 Check Dams and 1 Community Pond have been revived. These structures have water storage and recharge capacity of about 7,10,015 Cubic Meter. So far under the project, around 51240 cubic meters of Continuous Contour trenches have been constructed, which can recharge an additional 307336 cubic meters of water in an average monsoon.

Donation of First Responder Vehicles to health authorities in Rajasthan by Hero MotoCorp

As part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives towards the COVID-19 relief efforts, Hero MotoCorp donated five specially designed First Responder Vehicles (FRVs) to the government hospitals in Jaipur and Ajmer, Rajasthan.
These unique and utilitarian vehicles will be useful for reaching out to patients and the needy in rural and remote areas and comfortably moving them to the nearest hospitals. These First Responder Vehicles have been custom-built as an accessory on the powerful Xtreme 200R motorcycles of Hero MotoCorp.
The FRVs have been equipped with a full stretcher with a foldable hood mounted on the side, essential medical equipment such as a detachable first-aid kit, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher and other safety features such as LED Flasher Lights, foldable beacon light, emergency wireless public announcement system and siren.

Adoption of 4 Government Schools by Dabur

Dabur India Ltd adopted four Government schools – two in Newai and two in Alwar, and pledged to improve the overall infrastructure in these four schools, with the intent of improving the overall learning environment for children in rural Rajasthan.
As part of the revamp, Dabur has created new and separate sanitation facilities for both boys and girls, in addition to creating a drinking water facility, and upgrading the school infrastructure with BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) paintings. The revamped Government Senior Secondary School, Banasthali, Newai, District Tonk, was handed over to the school and district administration at a function held at Newai. The revamp initiative in these schools would benefit a total of over 1,900 students. The school revamp was undertaken after detailed discussions with the school authorities and keeping their specific needs in mind.
The development work was carried out through Dabur’s CSR arm Jivanti Welfare & Charitable Trust and an independent development agency SURE (Society to Uplift Rural Economy).