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Top Indian Companies that Spent More Than Rs. 500 Cr. on CSR in FY21

Amid COVID-19, the companies in India suffered heavy losses, subsequently reducing their obligation to spend towards CSR. But during this time, the need for...
HDFC Bank 2021

HDFC Bank Spends Rs. 634.91 Crore Towards CSR in FY 2020-2021

HDFC Bank spent Rs. 634.91 crore towards #Parivartan, the umbrella programme for all Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, in FY 2020-21. Out of Rs. 634.9...

Top CSR Projects in Amritsar

Amritsar is the largest and most important city in Punjab and is a major commercial, cultural, and transportation centre. The city famous for its...
Ashima Bhat

HDFC Bank commits to becoming carbon neutral ahead of World Environment Day

HDFC Bank today announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2031-32. As part of this CSR initiative, the bank is looking at reducing its...
HDFC Bank Covid

CSR: HDFC Bank plans to set up 20 oxygen plants in hospitals; 100-bed Covid care facilities

HDFC Bank, under Parivartan, announced today a slew of measures to set up and enhance medical infrastructure across the country to assist the fight...
CSR in Meghalaya

Top CSR Projects in Meghalaya

Blessed with natural beauty and organic resources, Meghalaya has the largest variety of orchids among all the States. It is famous for rare medicinal...
CSR in Haryana

Top Initiatives for CSR in Haryana

Haryana had made notable strides in food production during the Green Revolution era. However, this led to problems in the state such as declining...
Uttar Pradesh

Top CSR Initiatives in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the most populous state in India. Considering that the land is well drained by many rivers, the major contributor to...
Raighad Fort, Maharashtra

Top CSR initiatives in Maharashtra

May 1st is celebrated as Maharashtra Day across the state of Maharashtra. The day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the second most...

Top CSR Initiatives in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a heavily forested mineral-rich state. It has historic importance for being the birthplace of the mother of Lord Rama. The state is...

Top CSR Projects in Varanasi

Varanasi, also known as Benares or Kashi is among the oldest cities of India. The city is considered to be a holy city among...

HDFC Bank SmartUp has disbursed grants worth ₹19.4 crores to social sector startups in last 4 years

HDFC Bank announced the winners of its fourth edition of SmartUp Grants 2021. The bank instituted SmartUp grants in 2017 and over the past...

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