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Tony Blair Institute launches online global citizenship education programme

Over 60% of students globally have been affected by school closures as a result of COVID 19, prompting The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change launched a free, interactive, and game based online global citizenship programme. This programme connects out-of-school students around the world in a safe and inclusive online space.
The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure is a simplified version of the Tony Blair Institute’s online dialogue education programme, Generation Global, which has supported more than half a million young people and trained over 13,000 teachers from more than 30 countries to be global citizens. In India, this includes 150,000 students across 17 states since 2009.   

ultimate dialogue adventure

Tony Blair, Executive Chairman, The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change said: 

“Throughout the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on young people’s learning, with over 60% of students worldwide affected by school closures. Being deprived of the chance to connect with their peers in a school setting can affect their social and emotional well-being as well as their education. Now more than ever, young people need to learn how to think and talk about the world and I’m delighted Generation Global is providing a new, safe online place for them to do so through the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.”

The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure equips young people with the knowledge, 21st century skills and attitudes to become active, global and open-minded citizens in a blended learning approach which can be used by students that continue with online learning, return to the classroom or a mixture of both. It is designed for 13-to-17-year-olds and will enable students to:
– be part of a safe and moderated online global community that connects students outside of the classroom and across more than 30 countries;
– learn the key skills of dialogue and global competencies –  critical thinking, active listening, global communication, questioning and reflection;
– learn from global content and share their perspectives on a range of topics, including the importance of education, the rights of women and girls, climate change, media and fake news, culture and beliefs.
– improve their communication skills and enhance English language skills
Key elements of The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure include:
Cost – There is no cost to the student, school or teacher.
Accessibility – The online programme is available on different devices and in areas of low bandwidth.
Inclusivity – The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure meets web content accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities and is designed to be inclusive for those of different background and needs.
User experience – Inbuilt gamification helps to deliver learning content that’s engaging and fun. Students can earn badges and points as they become ‘Dialogue Masters’.
Flexibility – It can be easily integrated across subjects such as English, Humanities, Peace Education, Global Citizenship, Science, and Social Science.
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