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Tired of City Life? 4 Reasons to opt for an Eco-Friendly House In Bangalore

Work-life balance in a metropolitan city is a seldom occurrence. Cities are dynamic, fast-paced, high-stress and gruelling. Since everyone is focused on establishing themselves and having a stable lifestyle within the constraints of a demanding schedule in the city, it can often make a person grow weary. While work and life in a city demands one to be on their toes all the time, once a person gets home, they wish for relaxation and tranquillity. Living in a city may make it difficult for one to find a peaceful home, therefore, one can turn towards an eco friendly home that sits away from the hustle and bustle of a demanding lifestyle.
In a city like Bangalore, where the greenery has gradually diminished over time as it gave way to industries and valleys of innovation; it is important to find your own pocket of relaxation. Thankfully, there are options for you to explore an eco friendly house in Bangalore that can be your next home. The best feature of these home is that they thrive on the natural surrounding and holds sustainability as their prime goal. Therefore, let us take look at some of the reasons why you can opt for an eco friendly house in Bangalore.

A City Crisis: Urbanization and Population Increase

The general trajectory of a city’s rapid development can be mapped by how quickly the natural flora and fauna was erased to establish settlements within the cityscapes. In the 1970s, the greenery in Bangalore factored for 68.2% of the natural topography, and that number has plummeted to a mere 2.96% in 2020. While the green cover slowly faded from the horizons of the city, settlements, industries, and housing led to a population increase that skyrocketed by 1028% since the 1970s. As these numbers soared, the climate of the city also changed over the years because of the drastic loss of greenery. This resulted in a 2 to 2.5 degree increase in temperature over the last decade.
As one can observe, the detriments of rapid urbanization manifested themselves as climate change which now threatens the natural habitat of the city. But in the last decade, conscious efforts have been made to reverse and systematically combat global warming through investments towards environmental policies. From saving trees to greener industrial measures, Bangalore has worked towards turning the tide in the favour of nature. That is why, possibilities of having an eco friendly house in Bangalore became a reality.

How an Eco Friendly House in Bangalore can Preserve Nature and The Cityscape

While being in a city that has become saturated by the harmful effects of rapid urbanization can be tiresome, one can find solace by opting for an eco friendly house in Bangalore. Since the city is gradually growing deficient in greenery, one can benefit from an eco friendly house located at a distance from the city as it can breathe some life back into your life.
Let us explore how an eco friendly house in Bangalore can preserve nature and the cityscape in detail:
1) Carbon-free and Environmentally Conscious: An eco friendly house in Bangalore built with sustainable and toxin-free materials is great for the environment overall. The house made with sustainable material is effectively carbon-free as it relies in renewable sources for its energy requirements.
2) Optimal Energy and Resource Consumption: Solar photovoltaic and Wind energy powers an eco friendly house, which is then stored and regulated by smart appliances, fixtures, and meters. This keeps the house self-reliant and prevents energy wastage.
3) Waste Management: Recycling and reusing electronic waste, managing toxic waste, 100% composting of food and organic waste and waste segregation at source keeps the eco friendly home and its surroundings safe from harmful effects of carbon-intensive waste disposal.
4) Nature Positive Living: Eco friendly homes designed to help foster a relationship with nature away from the city thrive in the natural biodiversity. Green public spaces, gardens, bird feeders, herb gardens and nature corridors are just some of the features that make an eco friendly home in Bangalore a great investment.

Sustainable Practices of Mahindra Eden

Mahindra Lifespaces upholds its promise of building a sustainable residential community that encourages nature-positive living with Mahindra Eden homes in Bangalore. These eco friendly, net-zero energy, sustainable homes fulfil 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, if you are tired of city life and seek relaxation closer to nature in a home that protects it, Mahindra Eden is the place for you.