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The World Participates in Orange The World Campaign

Orange the World campaign has grabbed eyeballs of the millennials across the globe. Global citizens with their activism and firm stance against gender-based violence have compelled the governments of nations to participate in the campaign. Let us look at the participation of the world in the campaign.
For 16 days, New Zealand has declared that key landmarks around the country will be illuminated orange to support the UNiTE Campaign to end violence against women. The Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington, the Auckland Harbour Bridge and New Plymouth’s Clock Tower will all be shining orange for the #16days of activism.
Wellington Mayor Andy Foster has provided his support to the call to end violence against women by lighting the Michael Fowler Centre orange over the 2 weeks of activism. Mayor Foster says, “family violence rates in New Zealand are alarmingly high, mostly impact women and have a long-term impact on families and our communities. Lighting up the Michael Fowler Centre is a symbol of hope for a bright and optimistic future free from violence against women and girls within our community.”
Thousands of women in Guatemala, Russia, Sudan and Turkey took to the streets to mark the International Day for the elimination of Violence against women. According to reports, the French government has stated that it would make rules easier for doctors to share information on women who were affected by such incidents and added that it will make psychological entrapment a legal concept in the eyes of the law.
Spanish citizens numbering in thousands marched on the streets of Madrid to contest laws against gender violence that have still not solved the problem as reports stated that 52 women were murdered by their partners or former partners in 2019. This nation has one of the worst records in terms of gender violence and has long been a witness to mass protests on the particular issue plaguing the country. South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, launched a campaign to help women have better access to justice and urge men to change their patriarchal attitudes towards women.
Gender-based violence is inhumane and heinous. It needs to be addressed immediately and effectively.

Source: Republic World

This article is part of our series on the international 16 Days of Activism campaign with the theme “Orange the World”.