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The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation Invites Applications to adopt 11 NGOs for next 1 year

The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, has opened up the applications for the Impact 11 programme by Shikhar Dhawan’s non-profit organization, with the aim to help the people in need and aid the organizations working for the welfare of the society. We act as an enabler by building the capacities of the NGOs and civil society organizations. We adopt and incubate NGOs working for different causes for a period of twelve months, throughout which we provide them with guidance and support in various aspects such as scalability, organizational structure, technology, sustainability, branding, and marketing amongst others. Our programs aim to nurture and transform these organizations so that they can create concrete changes in society. The aim is to work towards addressing the issue of providing quality education, hunger eradication, job creation, eradication of poverty, illiteracy, and other issues which are prevalent in the society. 
The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation will shortlist and adopt 11 NGOs for one year, through a registration process. Non-profit organizations that are seeking to create sustainable solutions to social issues can apply to get adopted by the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation. The foundation will help these NGOs with one-on-one mentoring for the on-ground work and guide them with various problem-solving processes.
NGOs can contact and register at- impact11@shikhardhawanfoundation.com email id for any kind of information or assistance or apply on this link at: https://shikhardhawanfoundation.com/impact-11/ . 
Mr. Shikhar Dhawan, the founder of the organization, said, “I’m very happy to begin an initiative that will contribute to the people who need help. This is just a small step towards a better and brighter future. Mera ye maanna hai that we should be compassionate towards every living being, chaahe wo insaan ho, animal ho. Plus, humari team bahut hard-working hai, I have made sure that we have the best team in place for the same. I wish to congratulate the entire team and look forward to working together & execute the plans in the best manner possible.”
 Mr. Amitesh Shah, Group CEO DA-ONE (An initiative of Shikhar Dhawan), stated that, “The foundation has a main purpose – to slowly eliminate the social issues and help the people in need. It is as simple as that, and we will execute the thoughts behind the foundation effectively. We hope that we take this initiative as a challenge & fulfill the overall objective of bringing in the change and also make it into a big change. I wish the team All the best.”
Dr. Kanika Dewan, DIRECTOR -Impact and Strategy at the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, stated– “I believe that this initiative will bring a change in the society and will improve the standard of living of the marginalized sections of the society. One of our main objectives is to make a change that doesn’t fade out and sustains. In a short span of 4 months, we have already marked tremendous achievements & look forward to working with multiple NGOs simultaneously across India. We’re working alongside multiple Corporates & Government sector companies, from all over India for various social causes. In this way, we will cover a larger portion of the country. I will be also closing monitoring the progress of the adopted NGOs & will handhold them for better results. All the NGOs are brought together on our single platform which serves as a network to share and exchange their learning and knowledge.”
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